Pirates of the Caribbean 5 sources of stolen? It turned out to be empty handed White Wolf

Disney the White Wolf movie mm

leifengwang· 2017-05-31 05:31:12

"Pirates of the Caribbean 5 mm" is being aggressively, estimated most viewers don't know, "Pirates" who was almost "robber" robbery in half a month ago.

5 reported on 15 May, the Walt Disney Company CEO Edgar (Robert Iger) said that hackers claimed from the company has not yet been stolen in the movie theaters in "Pirates of the Caribbean 5 mm", and extort ransom. Threatened to leak the film online if the company did not pay the ransom.

a global box office is expected to will exceed $500 million in the film, released before being released in the Walt Disney movie will probably bring business a blow. But it was still very Etam resolutely decided not to pay ransom, and for the Federal Bureau of investigation FBI.

but strangely, Disney did not give the money, the film also released for a long time, the so-called "hackers" suddenly have no voice, also did not see release sources. said do not give money to disclose sources?

empty handed, the White Wolf, or the money?

26, Edgar Disney CEO said in an interview: "Pirates of the Caribbean 5 mm" and not stolen, suffered hacking and extortion of statement is false.

Bob Iger said:

, as far as I know, we have not been hacked, we did face hacker threats before, and there was a movie stolen. In the face of these problems, we decided to take it seriously rather than follow the hacker's request. We don't think the online rumor is true. Nothing happened.

was originally a sleight of hand tricks, a false alarm?

according to Disney's argument, the blackmailer did not steal sources, but commonly claimed stolen sources, and threatened the producers to give money to Disney. In the event that Disney takes money out of risk control, the ransomware will make a big profit. Even if you don't give money, there seems to be no big risk.

Disney had indeed suffered hacker attacks had leaked the sources, the blackmailer is to use Disney for fear of hackers to scare them, but finally did not succeed.

but the incident does not seem to rule out another possibility: Disney managed to deal with it privately. Because both the hacker or hackers extortion extortion, clarification is false, is Disney CEO's edgar. According to Lei Feng

network understanding, previously well-known BT download site on the Pirate Bay had briefly appeared in two as "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" pirated downloads, but was quickly removed, and then the blackmailer would never make any noise, does not rule out Disney "seal the mouth", and after all the film frequently hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, ransom 50 bitcoin is not really what.

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