Visiting bitcoin mines: why is it closed during the flood season?

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ITzhijia· 2017-05-31 06:42:15

bitcoin recently attracted global attention, prices soared. And located in the mountains of Sichuan bitcoin mines, the situation has not gone up.

in February this year, the "daily economic news" reporter had an exclusive quest Sichuan Mabian bitcoin mine. But 3 months later, the reporters learned that the mines had been closed and relocated, and the miners chose to leave.

, and now, the major trading platforms are competing for mine resources. While Sichuan is entering the high water period, abundant power, bitcoin prices continued high exceeded 10 thousand yuan mark. Obviously sitting on the "weather, geographical position", why the relocation of the mine at this time? The incident attracted attention both inside and outside the industry. Recently, the reporter again visited the Mabian Yi Autonomous County of Sichuan city in Leshan Province, to uncover the reason bitcoin mine closed.

- Zhudian. Why in the wet season off

winding mountain road, the mountains are green. After 6 hours of journey, starting from Chengdu, reporters once again came to the Mabian Bajiaoxi hydropower station. 3 months ago, you could hear a lot of noise from the bitcoin engine room. Today, the hydropower station is exceptionally quiet, and the birds singing in the mountains are particularly clear.

at the moment, Sichuan is entering a period of abundant water, electricity and water surplus. For bitcoin, miners say, this is a rare opportunity, after all, the most critical factor in operating bitcoin mines is sufficient electricity. These mines are mostly Zhudian in some mines, southwest by rich and cheap hydropower mining. The winter dry season price rises, the company will move to the mill power rich northwest, to the high water period back to the southwest.

"the whole southwest is rich in hydropower, and the electricity in the rainy season is only half of the dry season.". "An industry source said:" it is hard to imagine any mine at this point in time will choose to move. "

, now, the banana Creek mine is going to the factory."". Reporters saw at the scene, several doors closed the door, leaving only a few container room and the vacant wire, the entire hydropower station has not seen a bitcoin machine.

"moved out at 2 p. m. on April 25th, and the damage was great."! "Left behind the hydropower station responsible person sue on the" daily economic news "reporter said, before, led by a deputy magistrate of the local authorities had to check off, mine was already in production. It is understood that the move in addition to the banana Creek this house, there are several other bitcoin mines.

bitcoin is mine electricity, leave for miners, hydropower station operators will obviously disappointed in the field when the energy consumption of disposable water consumption 400 to 5 million degrees for a month, to pay about 1000000 yuan electricity to the hydropower station each month, a year is down about 12000000 yuan. "The data were not confirmed, but the hydropower station would have lost an income because of the closure of the mine.

"if you don't use it, it's gone.". "Sumou told reporters that after the mine has gone, the surplus hydropower needs to find another market. In the Sichuan flood season, the power generation companies want people to use electricity, while they (bitcoin mines) are 24 hours of electricity, time constant, small fluctuations, therefore, is still a popular electricity target.

mine moved less than half a month, no noise, sumou but not accustomed to, "often in this duty, one night sleeping after wake up, find out how did not sound, the results come in your home. "He said with a smile.

"shut down", the industry has "hide" media, "

" a stone Melaleuca waves.

now, 70% of the world's bitcoins are made in china. Therefore, the several bitcoin mine closed, immediately attracted repercussions in the industry. In the interview, a number of bitcoin mining practitioners to reporters to express his concern -- a euphemism to get media attention, if closed, losses will be difficult to bear, the circle on the outside of the attitude of a time almost silent.

"now the currency price is so high, stopping a day is hundreds of thousands of things.". A bitcoin mine operator, who declined to be named, said he would have to look for the right new place, as well as the relocation costs of millions of dollars and the cost of building a plant. Obviously, if forced to move, the bosses who run the mine have to suffer no small losses.

in addition, bitcoin mines are now a sought after resource. Starting in February this year, the central bank to suspend bitcoin trading platform to carry out bitcoin business now. Today, the user can only sell bitcoins in the hands of RMB withdrawals, and can no longer be transferred between different trading platforms, so the major trading platforms are competing for mine resources. In addition, the recent currency prices continue to rise (Note: recently there has been a marked decline) and exceeded 10 thousand yuan mark, mine profits have also gone up. Take banana Creek Mine as an example, it has more than 6000 bitcoin mining machines, dug 27 coins per day, 3 months ago, the value of nearly 200 thousand yuan. And now the currency price exceeded 14000 yuan / Jin, in theory, the mine output value of about 378 thousand yuan per day, revenue nearly doubled.

to sum up, the reason for the active shutdown of the mine at this time is very puzzling. Bitcoin mining is a global, an anonymous field practitioners said, "if not where business bitcoin is nothing more than mine,

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