Yang Mi, Zheng Gang, Tong Quan, out! They were hanging goddess

Gao Yuanyuan Chingmy Yau Athena Chu Joey Wong

nandouyulezhoukan· 2017-05-31 07:48:20

everyone has a goddess in her heart. In the beauty collection of entertainment, there are countless goddess to eat melon people see dazzling. But what kind of Goddess best captured straight "heart"?

, recently, a famous forum held a goddess election activities, resulting in a heated debate. The forum of the audience, many of them are straight men love sports. Didn't think straight so many popular aesthetic touching flowers, PK was eliminated in the first round.

" even if the goddess is numerous, also to have a showdown. After several rounds of "fighting", the final four finally out, they are Athena Chu, Chingmy Yau, Gao Yuanyuan, Joey Wong.

" to reach the semi-finals, in the semi-final, "Joey Wong VS Chingmy Yau, Gao Yuanyuan VS Athena Chu. Because this kind of competition is similar to "the bone in the egg", the forum net friend also makes a statement: "friendship first, rewards US second", may not attack, insults other people.

netizens tearfully vote, and finally, Chingmy Yau beat Joey Wong, Gao Yuanyuan beat Athena Chu. Two people both advance to the finals "

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"to the finals, Gao Yuanyuan and Chingmy Yau who is the winner, let netizen very headache.

49 year old little and 38 year old Zhou Zhiruo, who can claim the top martial arts?

forum goddess" election, the three sides of the two sides of the entertainment goddess were grouped. China has 58 people, including Gao Yuanyuan, Fan Bingbing, Liu Yifei, Yang Mi, Tang Wei, Zheng Shuang, Angelababy, gulina Karzai, a popular actress, age range from 60 to 90 after the cross.

" Cecilia Cheung, Gigi Lai, Hong Kong and Macao have Aman Chang, Vivian Chow, Chingmy Yau, Athena Chu, Michele Lee, Carman Lee, Sa, Angie Chiu, age range from 50 to 80 across.

, Taiwan region has 20 people on the list, from Brigitte Lin to Guo Xuefu, the age of more than 30 years.

Japan Yui Aragaki, Keiko Kitagawa and other 14 people on the list of "img_box

Korea 15 women on the list, is the mainland audience familiar with popular artists, Zheng Xiujing Jung Soo Yeon, the two sisters Lim Yoona, Choo Ja Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, ode to

" on both sides of the three plus Japan and South Korea, hundreds of people to see the dazzling star, can match to go, some people will be eliminated. Soon, to the second round, the mainland actress was brushed more than half.

" in the second round, Liyan Tong Fan Bingbing standing, 52 year old Gong Li is still strong, Zheng Shuangna tied AB flow was eliminated all these flowers, Yang Mi Tang Yan and Hawick Lau still online, and pass over the scandal Wang Ou also on the list.

" in Hong Kong and Macao fared well in the second round of the PK, only Kristy Yeung, Janice Man, Sheren Tang, Loretta Lee 4 people were eliminated.

, Taiwan, Japan, almost half of the cut, Brigitte Lin, Joey Wong into the second round.

" Korean beauty probably too hard to choose, straight brains, will brush off 3 personal

see here, should not be difficult to understand. The goddess election was almost like the knockout of the world cup. Stick to a final, the yen value will get countless straight recognition.

" with the rapid rise of the mainland entertainment, said flow flowers emerge in an endless stream, young is the capital, but the age seems not too cold straight. In the PK, veteran stars seem to be more popular than younger ones.

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