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", with the rapid development of smart phone technology, people rely more and more on the mobile phone. Ask yourself, do you watch mobile phones every couple of minutes? Do you feel anxious when your cell phone is out of power? When I go out with friends, I also play phone regularly Statista, a market research firm, recently released a set of statistics showing last year's average smartphone usage by users across the country,

reported, according to IT's home. As you can see from this data, users in many countries spend more than an hour a day on smartphones.

China ranked second, the first was … &hellip

Statista; according to statistics, in Brazil, users spend nearly 5 hours to play mobile phone users; and China ranked second, every day spent 3 hours playing mobile phone.

ranked third and fourth respectively, the United States and Italy, the time is about 2.5 hours. Among them, the United States is already a smart phone universal popularity of the country.

, Europe's two largest countries, France and Germany, play mobile phones relatively short time, about 1.5 hours a day.

" in addition, Statista pointed out that since 2012, the national consumer time playing mobile phone began to rise significantly. In the United States, last year, 1 hours more than four years ago.

this is very easy to understand, with the development of science and technology, more and more new technologies are applied to the intelligent mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone let we have more and more functions, which provides a great convenience for our life and work. We believe that smartphones will continue to be a very important part of our lives for a long time to come.

alert! Mobile phone addiction is likely to make people depressed

perhaps as "bow", "mobile phone", you are obsessed with watching drama, chat, micro-blog, brush brush circle of friends, visiting the shop can not extricate themselves, for the outside world view and its changes are unaware. But some things, Xiao Bian or to remind.

in April, Xinhua reported, "a study in the United States has shown that excessive use of mobile phones tends to make people depressed, especially women.".

Binghamton University researchers surveyed 182 college students, according to their daily use of mobile phone frequency is divided into "deliberate" "often" "close" "Crazy" and "addicted" to 5 grades. 7% of the respondents were addicted to mobile phones, and 12% were crazy". The two groups had problems with personal, social and work problems because of the urgent need for mobile phones, with symptoms of depression, social isolation, social anxiety, impulsivity and inferiority complex.

researchers also found that women are more likely to become addicted to mobile phones.

of the American Association for the advancement of science sponsored by the EurekAlert website quoted researchers as saying that excessive use of mobile phone is easy to depression, because intelligent mobile phone can easily and quickly be satisfied, and will shorten the attention span, people make more and more easily tired.

so, are you addicted to mobile phones? If you have any of the following, you may need professional help:

1., you use mobile phones as a way of avoiding problems or alleviating feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety and depression, the researchers said.

2. you pay more attention to what happens in the virtual world, but ignore the real world.

3. you often check your cell phone even if it doesn't make a beep.

4. once the mobile phone is not around, you don't belong to, one mind. In addition

, severe mobile phone addicts may also encounter the following problems:

"floaters": often stare at the mobile phone, sometimes playing for a long time, feeling a little spot whether fluttering eyes, a little while and no? If you have this experience, be careful, and you may catch floaters.

not long ago, little Yue Yue was suffering from floaters and was deeply impressed on micro-blog.

"phantom vibration syndrome": how often do you think pocket or bag of the mobile phone is in shock, but in fact, the mobile phone may not be in the body, or in fact no calls? If you have more, please do not worry too much, this is not a hallucination or hallucinations, but a disease of civilization, psychology called it "the signal that" (Signal Detection Theory). Abroad, they call it "phantom vibration".

"mouse hand": where to go are inseparable from the mobile phone and tablet, just in order to update their friends circle and micro-blog dynamic. However, the use of digital products caused by mechanical key tenosynovitis, scalene muscle fiber tissue inflammation and other diseases.

five helps you get rid of all sorts of interruptions in mobile phones. How does

overcome cell phone addiction? According to the Guangzhou Daily reported, deputy director of the psychology department put forward the following suggestions: Wang Xiaoli Guangdong Provincial Armed Police Corps Hospital

1. close news WeChat, micro-blog and QQ

if there is a reminder of who have important things for you, they will call. Instead of wasting a lot of attention on the "non urgent" messages for "seconds back", it's better to turn off new alerts and focus on the rest of the time. As for the men and women friends chatting with friends to chat or do not take up the make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, the whole work and study time

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