Science and technology company's new quarter revenue compared to Apple's lead

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tengxuncaijing· 2017-05-31 19:21:38

[Zhongguancun online news] May 31st news: recently released a histogram contrast media companies in the latest quarter revenue, according to Apple's revenue ahead of other companies.

from the bar chart, apple ranked first in absolute superiority, ranked second and third, respectively, Google and Microsoft, while OBM ranked fourth. From the data point of view, Apple's revenue in the new quarter is almost the sum of Google and Microsoft.

new quarter revenue comparison chart of the data graph

author Jack Schofield said, Google's progress last year and leading IT company's quarterly income compared with the most significant differences, while Apple turnover also fell sharply, but he is still optimistic about the apple data. "Apple's results are seasonal,"

Schofield said. "The figures in the previous histogram were a different quarter. "After the listing of new equipment, Apple's revenue will usher in a new round of growth.".

in fact, Apple's market capitalisation was more than $800 billion this month, the highest in history, with apple growing from 700 billion to 800 billion in just two years.

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