LOL hero LOL who restrained Tali Wu new hero rock sparrow Natalie Wu restraint

Lol hero whip leg stone array

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At the upcoming

LOL new hero, strong skills, outstanding ability to control field, auxiliary means perfect. Seemingly perfect skill performance, may make people think that the hero is too powerful.

#p#, Natalie Wu, a perfect combination of heroes #e#

LOL new hero, Thalia upcoming, strong skills and outstanding ability to control field, perfect auxiliary means. Seemingly perfect skill performance, may make people think that the hero is too powerful. So which heroes and her complement each other, which can be a good hero to control her. Let us look at LOL, Natalie Wu restraint hero LOL, who controlled new hero rock sparrow Tali wu.

blind monk Liqing

blind monk with wandering Tali Wu's strength, let the other side in the middle of the game is difficult, and their pas de deux in battle group is more terrible. If a record Raptors wagging the enemy kicked Tali Wu of [e SA Stonehenge], whip leg and gravel attack can not anyone can handle.

of Saint hammer Yi Bobby

if the hammers Yi heroic charge successfully the enemy hit Tali Wu of stone. That means is a gank instantly in the explosion. Bobbi war hammer of the enemy over the wall, far away, more thoroughly tear each other's formation.

#p#LOL restraint of the Tali Wu hero #e#

LOL restraint Tali Wu rob Lord hero

shadow flow

as long as to keep the distance, Tali Wu in the face of the most flexible of the enemy can still guarantee their safety. So, in turn, to avoid her stone barrage, and drilled traps of the hero, all her troubles. She swims in or outside the scope of the main stream of shadow strokes, or straight can only look at the death mark to.

lava monster Smurfit

battle group of edge is the stone best fighting position, but Moffat's ability is that he where battle group center where. For Natalie Wu, stone overbearing control skill and ability is a prohibition of operation exist, when you find yourself to be a great stone blow fly ten meters high, the earth also don't have to listen to you call the.

trickster demon Ji Le Fran

if Natalie Wu of [w petrosal process] did not catch the enemy, hurting her ability was greatly weakened. Le Fran wrist flip, it has a set of tricks can make Natalie Wu can't do anything, ultimately HanHen and eventually.

in general, strong mobility hero can cope with Thalia is very good, also can be very good to overcome her. But some may be different, to be a party to protect the party's ability to be a little stronger, when the enemy will need a strong outbreak of its spike. < p > new hero control ability is very guards, but if combined with mercury in Central Asia equipment can also avoid good, until Thalia fully surfaced, it is better for the formulation of a new hero Raiders. The LOL restraint hero Wu Tali, LOL who restrained new hero rock sparrow Wu Tali here. More new hero Wu Tali Raiders, play LOL area in rabbits.

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