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life on the game, the game on the fun. Every night at 7 o'clock, Meng Da sister paper, you play the game ["7" compilation]

China's new rich list released. Do you know who are Chinese wealth Top50 it ~ is not this is not the first Ma is Wang Jianlin it? Yes, first name is Wang Jianlin / Wang Sicong, wealth at the 1982.6 billion yuan, the second name is a bit of a surprise, not Ma, not a Ma, Ma, reached 1366.1 billion yuan, the MA in the third, wealth is $1256.6. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" is also an unexpected reason: Zhang Zetian burst into the top 11. Well, "platform more important", "step in the shoulders of giants ~"

governments are getting more and more optimistic about the game. Japanese Game Association JOGA introduced new regulations: Mobile Games Thomas drop rate to show that in order to protect the rights and interests of game player. The standard display, all paid minis page must minis project list is placed in the internationally are easy to recognize the position and let the players know what they can draw out what. At the same time, the game business must also provide all toy shipments probability, and placed in the striking position of the page, convenient query game player. This for krypton gold party simply praise Zambrotta ~

"MTR Parkour" Danish developer kiloo new. The spell contract "(Spellbinders) by the end of April officially landed mobile platform. This is a kind of competitive games, it looks like a horizontal version of the "Royal war". The game points for gods, the nature, the necromancer three different camp, players can choose their own camp to join, use skill to help soldiers break through the enemy's base. Royal war unabated, holds appreciatively this horizontal version of "brother" also calculated to win ~

Fantasy Westward Journey internationally staged reality version of "Beijing met Seattle" story. NaBH NaBH < some time ago, a gentleman by the name of "wood" Fantasy Westward Journey internationally in the Baidu Post Bar Po map posting, and internationally shared their love experiences. She and her boyfriend one in London and one in Guangzhou, because the game "ghost task" himself, finally come together. Drying out her small fresh "Beijing met in Seattle" Po according to became the envy of many users ~

data research firm swrve a travel survey data revealed that more than half of the whales a consumption to no more than 300 yuan. It seems that big R are also cautious, they will not buy all the IAP props in the game again, but not what you buy anything. Hum, before we hit mad money r those "silly money" stems not ~

old cry, the legend of Zelda bounced in the wiiu sales plummeted. Not long ago, Nintendo announced the Zelda "WiiU" was delayed until after 2017, fans have not bought the account. And because wiiu is the LCD screen, the game software requirement is high, so many game makers also are reluctant to develop Wii u software. The This wiiu almost become an empty shell...... Let the fans love up ~

3,, as announced "call of duty 13: Infinite War" will on November 4, officially on sale landing major platform. The main battlefield of the game is still on the land, rather than space, there will be no alien....

fortunately, the series of the most classic call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare HD re plate will come, more than the HD map and better particle effect. Heavy plate will contain in cod13 digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99) ~

Rhea music rhythm game "VOEZ" Listing Date publicly, on May 26, officially landed two IOS and Android platform. The game starts from the town of an overhead "blue empty town", through players perspective and six boys and girls together through sentimental high school life, together group orchestra will thoughts into the beautiful notes. Screen to blue for the tone, fresh and beautiful ~

finally, natural is the welfare of the atlas of ~ send the latest issue of the goddess [PA] panda TV anchor Xu cake, direct sowing show A4 waist cake division ~

what is "7"? Is the interest to engage in small Sao years, purpose of his disgusting, entertaining others sincerely, record the interest to engage in a wonderful day, offer the new travel hodgepodge.

content to the period:

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7: < / strong > hearthstone new card description is playing bad bird's nest the first electric race even lol? The penguins to hit wherever he goes to

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