Frightful! The phishing site is identical to the Tencent news

Tencent news Tencent liar loophole

ITzhijia· 2017-06-01 16:27:56

as regular Internet users, many fraud routines are connected with the file does not understand, can not with the web site does not point should not, in this a few days ago when the normal Internet pop up a web page, but let me surprised for a long time.

"the fishing website suddenly don't see what is wrong, we often see the Tencent news page, I also think that it is delayed, trying to turn, but in the pop-up page, then pop up a group to verify the application.

pop-up QQ group to find out, I also apply for groups, a few minutes will be into the group into the group after the notice, it is no accident that a gang with gambling. And a short period of time, members of the group will increase more than 200, although I do not know how many people like the author, is to look at the plot behind this, but there must be some deceived netizens.

although there are some news common sense users know, so blatant, direct publicity betting, and mark red group number this kind of thing must be a liar. But I think this can only say liar IQ is not high, too quick, if the next time the manuscript is very vague, and then provide a two-dimensional code or unknown source or origin, harm is greater, so we are here to look at the fishing web page is what loopholes.


in the observation time of Tencent Its loopholes appeared one after another. the phishing site, the author also very puzzled, it has a lot of information such as label, editor, hot news and the right of the news video are quite full, that these data are come from?

Fishing Web site very strange

a kind of news, comment number has reached nearly thirty thousand out of curiosity, I went in to see what they say, but after entering the page automatically jump to the "plane children drink xiaomizhou sudden asphyxia staff high-altitude rescue of life and death" comment page then, the source of the phishing page is clear.

news site for the society

Tencent was able to track down the news of the original page, the page almost found false Tencent and this article in addition to the main content, as like as two peas. So we first see, it is easy to mistakenly believe that this is Tencent news, but after all false, really, there are many loopholes under scrutiny.


meet uncertain site comparison, I believe that most users will habitually look at the domain name. Indeed, a fake website may not have the domain name as like as two peas I saw, a very strange name on this site, we can not see a Tencent's shadow, and there is a final ": 29".

, and the real site is the beginning of Social English "society", followed by ".Qq", and finally the article page number.

so obvious domain error most people can see it, but I have seen some really very similar to the domain name and website, the difference only in the individual letters, confuse the public. If you encounter an uncertain domain name, it is best to enter Baidu Chinese directly, click on the website with the official logo page to enter.

", since it is time to share the

news, the timeliness of course is indispensable, so almost all news will be with press time label, and we noticed that the right side of the button missing.

" comment area

can not really fake, false and not true, in the fishing website, the comments also set up a kind of mold, but careful comparison is not difficult to find it a little something, this site can not be landed, and also cannot send message.

although advertising advertising is one of each site economic source, but it also really not principle, like Tencent this website absolutely not with post gambling advertising, as long as people will certainly report heavy penalties. Our most common ads are Jingdong, Taobao, page ads and so on.

in this press release is very powerful phishing trick or very low, one can know the trick, including the final "according to internal sources, the Tencent Inc staff a lot of people are playing, what is the" newspaper "or" the table "? Moreover, this kind of gambling is prohibited, otherwise, most of those lottery messages come out in the middle of the night. The most terrible is

I think these people should start writing, the press release for a subject if we really hard to see what clues, the six elements of news "5W1H" a lot, time, place, people, events, causes, process. If the next liar is a bit more clever, don't write

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Frightful! The phishing site is identical to the Tencent news

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