Children always lose their temper. Congratulations, that's a good thing

Children listening to children children's psychology growing up

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temper than Biezhao, angry child at home, sometimes in public rarely out of control. For example:

Monday morning, Jo to wear long johns to the kindergarten. Take a glance at the weather forecast, 27 degrees! The

has recently been de - Shouqiu pants - wear long johns - off the long johns cycle in long johns.

I thought he was afraid of the cold.

started trying to make sense. A few rounds, little Jo was angry and I got angry too. He expressed his strong appeal: "must wear."!



"love temper" is almost all of their children's mother consistent evaluation. In fact, "temper" is a reason, such as a small Jo to wear long johns.

no child is mad at you for no reason at all. Anger is just one of their ways of communicating.

was a healthy way to communicate when he was a child.

recently, there is a popular saying: "adults with low EQ are because they didn't cry enough when they were kids."".

tears contain cortisol and stress hormones. When we cry, it actually releases pressure from the body.

has shown that tears can also lower blood pressure and promote a balance of mental states.


broke out better than it was,

saw it in the media.

, a girl named Yuan Yuan, is only 5 years old. Because she had a sweet tooth before going to bed, she was told by her mother.

my disobedient began to lose his temper, mom is not weakness, take a beating yuanyuan. Because mom worked so hard all day, she couldn't hold back her anger.

the morning of the second day, mother to wake Yuan Yuan up, the children said their leg pain cannot leave, my mother thought the child was playing patience, she insisted, but Yuan Yuan is still not speaking, my mother was anxious to go to the hospital. Dr.

said that excessive shock combined with external force led to intermittent loss of consciousness in the legs. Fortunately, it was okay to observe the one or two day.

a child's anger often irritates his adult. If we use violence or language to stop cold and violent, and let the child's emotions express nowhere, anger and fear will become a torrent.

it's wrong for adults to say whatever they say and when they are angry. Unless you follow him, you won't be able to meet his demands.

at this moment, he exploded with rage. You couldn't help it. The magic thing is, when he's released, you'll find out, eh? He's in a good mood.

child psychologists, "rest, play and grow Dr. Deborah McNamara let preschool children more meaningful"

said: let the children will temper, but don't try to stop tantrums. Anger is harmless in itself and prevents temper tantrums.


tantrums can make kids more focused on

. Sometimes kids lose their temper because they're frustrated by not achieving their goals. For example, a child who learns to walk constantly stops and wants to stand up.

finally cried, crying not because of pain, but because of anger. After

's temper broke out, he didn't give up playing, but decided his mind and started again. "When a child can't focus on one thing, there's usually an emotional barrier," says Patti Whiffler, author of

's favorite book. "

studies have shown that learning must take place when children are happy and relaxed. On the contrary, the effect of learning is poor.

may let children's emotions often release so that they can be more focused.


is angry with you and tells you that your child trusts you.

children often start crying before, often because we say "No"". For example, "sleep no more cookies"; "we can't play anymore, immediately close the playground"; "you can't watch TV, you have a half hour"......

although we have to find ways to avoid saying "no, no", when necessary, we should also set rules and boundaries for our children.

let's have another biscuit when the children make a noise...... One or two times down, the child also learn wisdom. It turned out that crying was good for them, and they learned how to use crying to blackmail us.

what about that? We can squat down and use empathy:

, "I know you don't want to go. It's fun here.". What about "

"? Let's think of a way. "

", or shall we come back again tomorrow? "

squats down, softly talks to him, speaks his mind, affirms his reasons for being unhappy, and then leads him to think about why he can not do it, and how he can do it.

on the one hand, we are showing our kids how to solve our immediate problems. On the one hand, we are also demonstrating how to control emotions. But our principles haven't changed, have they? Say "No" or "No"?".

, think of our generation from childhood repressed emotions, depression, there is a certain self-protection, repression will not be beaten, but often suppressed, it may occur psychological disorders, mental illness. So our generation

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