On the first day of June, "Papa, listen to me," look at the baby's little chatter

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haishier· 2017-06-01 19:58:52


", "Nanning" as scheduled, "Papa listen to me", special planning, phase one.

" all say "father's love is like a mountain". Father's love for his children is heavy and deep in love.

, what do you want to say to your father?

how memorable story do you have with your father?

dad father's Day special planning "," listen to me,

from now until June 10th,

for the community for the narrator, regardless of everyone, regardless of the individual or family

brothers and sisters together, regardless of whether the father


are invited to participate. The

narrator, in his child's identity,

tells his father something.

we hope that through this event,

encourages everyone to share stories about himself and his father, and

bravely expresses his love for his father.

we will advance the agreed time to record a video clip,

will be pushed to the Nanning evening news, Nanning evening news official Nanning /ZAKER platform WeChat platform and the Nanning evening news official micro-blog, your love for my father " " told the world;.

telephone registration: 0771-5530111 or 0771-5530222

can click a "father listen to me" entrance sign

for registration

look forward to meeting you!

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