Zhengzhou stopped sharing electric vehicles for a very reluctant reason!

Electric cars sharing bicycles bicycles in Zhengzhou

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-06-01 21:08:58

/ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express commentator Cao Yubing

in June 1st according to media reports, recently, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly transportation, urban management, industry and Commerce Bureau, quality supervision, environmental protection to carry out a total of 6 units in the city of Zhengzhou electric bicycle sharing business person in charge to conduct interviews, asking them to immediately stop the operation behavior, and inform, sharing electric bicycle has five kinds of problems: one is the vehicle exceed the standard problem. Two is prone to traffic accidents. Three, fire safety hazard prominent. Four is the high risk of vehicle safety. Five is the use of vehicle deposits, there are financial security risks.

, whether it's about cars or sharing bicycles, belongs to the new things in the Internet age. They actually travel to the public, the convenience of. Of course, when any new thing develops, there will always be some side effects, which need to be tolerant of society. Both the public and the manager need more support, not a problem, without two sticks and one shot.

Zhengzhou stopped sharing electric vehicles, six departments of the reasons given, all looks reasonable, in fact, except for the last one, the other four, whether it is prone to traffic accidents, or fire hazards prominent, or run the risk of high security, electric vehicles are the "old problem", not only is the sharing of electric vehicles. All electric cars are also. Since other electric cars can be allowed on the road, why stop the sharing of electric cars only?

more importantly, these problems are not to be solved. For example, vehicles exceeded the standard. The crux of the problem lies with the manufacturer, and the solution must be started from the source. The vehicle exceed the standard, directly to manufacturers is right, to find the user what happened? Another example is security. The so-called "fire safety hazard" argument is also vague. Electric car fire hazards, quality problems or occasional phenomenon, must be made clear, if it is a quality problem, have to go to manufacturers. If it's accidental, you can't pull it off. Want to know, motor vehicles will also spontaneous combustion, why not give the motor vehicle banned? As for traffic accidents, the main reason lies in the users. To solve this problem, "an antidote against the disease" of the rider rules, hit the board in the electric car sharing business body, deviation, but not enough to convince the public. As for the use of vehicle deposits, there is a risk of financial security, not shared electric vehicles only, shared bicycles also exist. Earlier, the media has called for the cancellation of the deposit. The parties are also studying the countermeasures.

government departments to share all the problems to share bike enterprises to carry on, and as a reason to directly halt the sharing of electric cars, their own convenience, the impact is convenient for residents to travel. Will facilitate the benefit of the emerging industry to die, but also contrary to the original intention of social governance. The hidden trouble of

shared electric vehicle should be paid attention to. Especially the safety issue, to strengthen publicity and ride on the one hand, on the road riding against traffic regulations, the traffic control department to severe punishment, for the management of vehicle attitude management of electric vehicles, the greatest degree of elimination of security risks, on the other hand, through the vehicle to buy commercial insurance form, as the accident compensation guarantee and relief channels. To reduce the sharing of electric vehicle accident accident may bring social disputes. As for the security risk of the deposit, it is easier to operate, such as setting up independent third party accounts like Taobao.

to solve these problems, the regulatory authorities should be more active, more sense of service! Frequently stop, there is suspicion of lazy politics. Urban social governance, simple, crude, non white, black thinking is no longer feasible, civilized wisdom, scientific and efficient is people-oriented, warm people.

(edit Zhang Aihong)

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