Laugh off my head! Fan Shengmei's vegetable father also drove micro-blog

Micro-blog vegetable joy song

tanzi· 2017-06-02 06:20:41

song of joy crew, is really good, in order to create a sense of reality, the important role of each open micro-blog, dynamic recording.

Qiu Yingying and should break up after, meet again, wrote his inner monologue, escape his heart.

Qu Xiao Xiao each feeding stray cats, will also send pictures to see micro-blog, pay attention to the use of punctuation, Xiao Xiao Qu immediately read out tone.

Xie Tong added now, it is timely to put on and shut off the photo collection.

" each time micro-blog, are based on the plot and push out, not too early, not late, so a lot of people come Wai view love eat melon.

but if you think that this is the conscience, you are completely mistaken, and when I was watching Wang Baichuan of micro-blog, I found the crew, more than is the main role of micro-blog, but every actor has.

I saw the interactive dialogue between fan and family. I almost thought it was a prank, but I didn't expect it to be really happening.

fan Shengmei sister-in-law play is more, every day in the update, but almost always have money, see sister-in-law profile, can borrow some money.

fan Shengmei brother also has micro-blog, don't see my brother key when idle, sultry, can be said to be very warm.

Shengmei brother fan profile is, I just don't want to work, very straightforward, so is his wife daily AIT, what we eat at night.

" it's funny, not directly ask the wife, to Elliott, to add their own play.

fan Shengmei brother in total for packet lessons, micro-blog said he was going to start with a clean slate, want to follow the big brother mixed wall ".

the packet men, go getters, big brother is to come, questioning, really do start with a clean slate, ha ha.

is the total number of a packet, go getters, estimated that only no more than five seconds, but they also began to liven up.

fan Shengmei the mother on the phone is not enough, also opened micro-blog, micro-blog's purpose is very simple, is to let the masses eat melons come out, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, just scold not haizui, don't be so bad.

mother Fan Shengmei the most interesting is that micro-blog, because Aunt Lee gave Fan Shengmei to Fan Shengmei was tipped off, my mother found, immediately get a screenshot, you are no longer my sister.

" aunt Lee is especially funny, a sister, sister of life, should not be so vast, so old not to hand in hand to jump square dance.

Li aunt herself is no way out, pay attention to Aunt Li's profile, do not come back to my house to borrow rice, ha ha ha ha ha ha, very painful.

" aunt Lee micro-blog Tucao can understand, but Fan Shengmei's father opened micro-blog let me surprise.

, look at the old father's introduction, a typing vegetables, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I can't do it.

" on father's performance also, estimation is also in bed right idle, let Fan Shengmei give him to buy a wheelchair, what to say, he and Hocking distance only a wheelchair.

" and then, because of the important role of Ode to joy each with exclusive episode, a father is not happy, I hope I can have a song, or even zombies.

" in order to buy a wheelchair, his father Shengmei fan around the Taobao, chose a few results, Wang Baichuan's mother will not be happy to say a few words, on the height of the father Shengmei fan tore up, father-in-law to buy a wheelchair. I sat up skin you.

" sister-in-law said gloating, the old man continued to rage attack, this little money you can calculate, I sit up with the pipe break your head.

old man, although a vegetable, but full of emotional abnormalities
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