WeChat push out invoice "function, to solve the user pain points?

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ITzhijia· 2017-06-02 06:22:55

Lei Feng network June 1st news, today evening, Tencent in the official public number published the article said, in order to solve the invoice and the invoice management process cumbersome, WeChat launched a set of solutions:

"WeChat dodge invoice" : the need for billing, sweep the two-dimensional code can Hotel billing

invoice "; little helper applet: can carry forward and save the invoice name card"; WeChat

client "I the invoice" : one of the first two functions, your personal data is also the invoice information.

, however, you'll need to upgrade WeChat to the 6.5.8 version before you want to experience the above features. The following is the introduction of

Tencent official:

how to use WeChat over the invoice?

WeChat provides the "WeChat way invoice" function, this function has access in the hotel, the two-dimensional code scanning, confirm your invoice information, you can directly open the invoice (paper)!

scan code after self fill in the invoice information, and permanently stored in the "I" - "personal data" - "my invoice" in the entrance.

PS": according to the provisions of the State Administration of Taxation, since July 1, 2017, whether ordinary invoices or invoices, as long as the invoice is the name of the company, must fill in the business tax.

management information

in the small invoice assistant applet, we can also manage invoice information in the "small invoice assistant" applet entry company invoice header information.

fill in the invoice information and keep it. Your invoice information will be permanently stored in WeChat's personal data. "I" - "personal data" - "my invoice" entry will be opened. Any time you can view and use.

, don't want to fill out such complicated information??

please share your applet's link with colleagues who have configured invoice header information.

lets company finance configure invoice header information in small programs and share this applet link.

the rest of my colleagues click on the small program links, can be a key to save the invoice in your WeChat profile, "I" - "personal data" - "my invoice" entrance will also be open, you can view, use at any time.

how businesses access WeChat over the invoice?

to access WeChat. Businesses such as invoice, please click the way: WeChat invoice solution.

currently, InterContinental Shenzhen Hotel has been the first to access WeChat out of the way to achieve customer billing invoice system, new experience. Other hotels in the country have also been connected. Although WeChat's

of this solution to a lot of user pain points, but from the current point of view, to really solve the problem of customers, also need more businesses to join WeChat over Invoicing system.

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