The "Ode to joy" fan Shengmei family micro-blog toxic

Micro-blog vegetable joy song Zi Lei

guanchazhewang· 2017-06-02 08:44:52

users found that the "Ode to joy" in the Fan Shengmei family, group debut … …

" the Fan Shengmei family is the most drama topic of the fan, Shengmei brother lazy, getting married children, thanks sister money.

fan Shengmei parental son, son good-for-nothing, played with a daughter run away, they do not blame the son, with a grandson to daughter, daughter complained of not being able to help his son … …

"fan fan Shengmei father stroke, brother and sister-in-law in the pornography was caught in action, all the things at home, have to solve Shengmei fan.

Fan Shengmei will all these mess down to the boyfriend Wang Baichuan, forcing him to continue to buy a chengdaqi.

" and the Wang Baichuan family know fan mother, firmly stop her son with Fan Shengmei, worried that his son was hurt.

", these plots are too realistic, triggering a fierce discussion of netizens.

then, we discuss the discussions, Fan Shengmei found that the family, quietly in the micro-blog debut … …

's first debut is @ fan Shengmei mother, introduction is written "for vent", let netizens just scold not haizui.

" after all the drama fan's mother Shengmei too annoying, and bloggers on every day by the fans called … &hellip

@" is Fan Shengmei's mother very into play, a micro-blog top self with sound: Mei ah, you help your brother in any case!

" then, @ fan Shengmei father appeared, introduction is "a type of vegetable" … …

" and a fan called @ Shengmei. Father micro-blog, introduction of more interesting: still want to go back to the Wang Baichuan family, his home air conditioning … …

" this Terrier is this: Shengmei fan to do so with elder brother and sister, brother Fan Shengmei will be sent to the paralyzed father Wang Baichuan home, forced fan Shengmei appeared.

" and Shengmei @ fan: my father's anger is the only official vegetable, father Shengmei @ fan is a high imitation!

" well, we will when he is really Shengmei fan daddy … &hellip

; then, with a fan of the characters have opened a micro-blog profile, is toxic.

@ fan Shengmei sister-in-law: could you lend us some money?!

@ fan Shengmei brother: I just don't want to work for ~

@ fan Shengmei nephew Lei Lei: I just want to eat meat! Hum!

@ Wang Baichuan: a beloved fan Shengmei ~

[mother Wang Baichuan: get out of my son Shengmei fan!

, in the second season, a new character: Fan Shengmei @ home neighbor aunt Lee, she often called Fan Shengmei off, told the family situation, such as your mother give me all your money to your brother, no have you come to my home by M ~

then, the neighbor also opened micro-blog: don't come to my home by rice!

" these are Chase drama netizens spontaneously registered micro-blog, everyone in the role can not extricate themselves, each other. It really seems to be in full swing, know as … …

@ fan Shengmei father as a vegetable, every day in micro-blog typing on the

urged the daughter to buy himself a high level wheelchair; "img_box"

daughter didn't reply, he would happily start to look at the wheelchair sign, also
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