Before the suspect fled, 400 thousand buried in the name of the son to marry his wife

Suspects Zhejiang Guizhou Wenzhou

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" according to the Dongguan Cheonggyecheon public security June 1st bulletin, May 23rd, the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau Qingxi branch just 9 days into the factory successfully cracked a theft of 1 million 12 thousand yuan case, 3 suspects were all arrested, recovered stolen money 1 million and 860 yuan. It is understood that the suspect Wang Mouhua fled back to Guizhou will be 400 thousand yuan stolen money hidden in their mountain, reserved for future marriage with a son.

5" on Sept. 14 at 1 pm, Qingxi Town Mao a factory occurred into the factory theft, safe financial room by others from the third floor, hit the floor, 1 million 12 thousand yuan in cash in the safe stolen. The task force investigation, preliminary judgment this is a "ghost" of the crime of theft cases. Through a lot of field investigation and interview, the task force after 8 days and nights of investigation work, 2 theft suspects surfaced, and initially confirmed the basic identity of the two people and their activities in Guizhou province.

5" on Sept. 22, the task force learned that one of the suspects have fled to Zhejiang city in Wenzhou province to take the bus, another suspect suspected return to town. Task force divided into two, the police force immediately went to Zhejiang, and in May 23rd at 9 am in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, a highway exit, the success of the bus is trying to flee the suspect Wang Mouhua captured. Pictured at a high-speed intersection in Zhejiang, Wang Mouhua will be arrested on the bus.

, another police force on May 23rd, 12 Xu, in the Qingxi Town, another suspect Pan Mouyu captured. Task force at the scene, Wang Mouhua and Pan Mouyu were seized 6000 yuan, 160 yuan, totaling 6160 yuan. For successful Wang Mouhua will be escorted to justice.

interrogation, Pan Mouyu truthfully confessed the whereabouts of the stolen money. Task force from its temporary town of Qingxi River, a rental house and its home town, has seized 104 thousand yuan of illicit money, 400 thousand yuan, a total of 504 thousand yuan. According to Wang Mouhua confession, the ad hoc group on the temporary wife Leimou Ya Huang Town a rental the wife arrested, and seized the stolen money 90 thousand and 700 yuan. Pictured in the river Banqiao a section of Pan Mouyu captured.

" in addition, Wang Mouhua refused to explain other illicit money, even lied to the remaining money hiding in the nearby home of ancestral home in a clearing, let the police rushed to empty. After a battle of wits, the group finally found the remaining money buried in the Wang Mouhua Hills home plots. With the assistance of local police, the task force finally dug up 400 thousand yuan in cash on the hill. Pictured in the Wang Mouhua Hills home plots dug 400 thousand cash.

, so far, the task force recovered a total of 1 million and 860 yuan of illicit money. In addition to the 2 suspects to spend just a few thousand dollars, most of the stolen money was successfully return the factory. At present, the suspect Wang Mouhua, Pan Mouyu has been detained by public security organs, public security organs, Leimou was released on bail.

" in the investigation, Wang Mouhua is a recidivist, theft convictions for theft, who were sentenced to 8 years and 3 months, in March 2017 to Mao a factory entry to resign from the factory in April. Pictured in Pan Mouyu Qingxi rental house, seized 104 thousand yuan stolen money.

" according to Wang Mouhua confession, May 14th at 0:30 PM, Wang mouhua over the factory walls, climbing into the water pipe factory. Plan to steal employee mobile phone in dormitory. Failed for the theft of mobile phone, Wang Mouhua thought of the April to the financial room formalities of resignation to see a safe financial room, I thought there must have money, then went to the factory floor financial room safes, decided to property. As the box was not opened, the safe was heavy and could not be moved away, Wang Mouhua called Pan Mouyu to carry out the theft.

" according to Wang Mouhua account, the remaining 400 thousand yuan stolen he will be buried in their own mountains, buried where no one would know, "security", to avoid the police strike, until the wind was not so tight and then take it out. So far, he still does not know that the public security organs have recovered all the stolen money, and millions of dreams haven't been awakened yet.

, pictured in the home of Pan Mouyu, Guizhou, ancestral home barrel seized 400 thousand stolen money.

" are recovered from the successful recovery of stolen money from Guizhou.

map seized money 90 thousand and 700 yuan in Wang Mouhua wife Huang rental.

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