Tian Liang's going to the wedding! The bride is not Ye Yiqian

Tian Liang good luck tour Fujian earth building

tengxunyule· 2017-06-02 19:18:03

" Tencent entertainment news "good luck Tour" came to Fujian, as a landmark in Fujian, earth is certain to go! Tian Liang, who claims to be the son of Fujian, can marry the most beautiful bride of the earth building? Where is the mysterious bride?

", Tian Liang, the bride's veil should be opened!

", "Tian Liang", "drink", heroic action.

", "Tian Liang" and "massage stunt"?

"good luck" as a tour group of three people this is the bridesmaid or matchmaker.

Tian Liang and the mysterious bride.

partner Yue Yunpeng Yueh Sun also laicourenao.

", "Tian Liang", playing with fan.

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