Joker exposes the bitterness of the past

Joker singer Wong Kwok Lun Alan Tam

ZAKERyule· 2017-06-02 19:18:11

have feelings, more surprises, in June 2nd ushered in the eighth period of "golden fish", because Joker regression estimation can trigger a new round of screaming.
this week, "golden fish" guess "original singing" link will enter the upgrade phase - age is greater than Alan Tam the original singer who? Who was R&B king who was little fat when he was a child? Be delayed by SARS, propagandist female singer is who? Prepare yourself quickly, open the most beautiful melody and guess and guess the journey together.
Wong Kwok Lun analysis, however, even as the song Jacky Cheung, there will be the scene before the horse stumbles experience:" he has recorded a song "I do what you want to do", I know he is so song to write him a high degree of difficulty. He later went on to tour Taipei heavy cold, treble at out of tune, even the scene with the fans bow, refund. "
now in the limelight, Joker still wants to prove himself in the field of music," now a Golden Melody Awards no "shows between the lines. Former Golden Melody Awards judges Wong Kwok Lun immediately issued an invitation: "the Golden Melody Awards is the global Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore can participate in, we welcome him to sign up for the Golden Melody awards! "
every success in the history of popular music left a strong singer may have experienced the ups and downs of change radically. Program group revealed that the first singer has not only encountered "can not sing the scene" questioned, and its background from the stage to the stage of the hard process also makes people sigh. In addition, second of the original song is encountered "Born Under A Bad Sign" -- at the time, the original singing new album sale coincides with the "SARS", his career was severely affected.
"there is gold. "SARS", originally sung by virtue of outstanding creative talent contrarian, the contemporary popular song "Super Star", "house lizard walking", "wind broken" are popular, and its unique voice and voice for the TA to usher in a lot of fans. Program group revealed that its masterpiece in 2003 reached a peak around, called "80 after the memory."". " golden fish "comb in the wake of the original singer, half of the country of the Chinese pop music" is: Alan Tam, Miriam Yeung, Jeff Chang ready, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee, Fei Yuqing, Yuku Hsu and many other big coffee. Step forward, unique melody contribute beyond the stereotype. Now, another super big coffee is coming up, and the most prominent label on it is "debut is earlier than Alan Tam" and "the oldest singing in history"".
amazing information "in the history of the older song" let the group if unable to agree on which is right. Mickey Huang and Wong Kwok Lun infer, if than the "principal" old qualifications, "that must be the song evergreen, reminiscent of George Lam, Adam Cheng, Sam Hui and so on."". The singer said, "I'm bigger than Alan Tam."
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