First tier cities property market cooling, just need to buy a good opportunity to usher in the family!

Housing prices the property market two rooms a line

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recently, hot mother lived in the District, 7 million 600 thousand set up a set of 88 square meters of two bedroom. Not long ago, the peak phase, hot mother lived in the District, 100 square meters of two bedroom sold to the unit price of 115 thousand yuan.

intermediary repeatedly stressed that house prices did not fall. The set of 115 thousand yuan price of two bedroom apartment layout, because towards particularly good, the set of 86 thousand and 500 yuan price of two bedroom is in urgent need of money because the landlord, a one-time payment, which belongs to the nature of the leak. The other two rooms, the price is still stable at 95 thousand yuan ~9.8 yuan, an average of 100 thousand yuan compared to the previous one square meters, compared to not too loose. The

agent was absolutely right and there was no problem at all.

however, if in the peak stage, even if the landlord emergency money, there may not be such a big discount, the most expensive 1000 yuan per square meter, it will be crazy to buy a tenant in one fell swoop down.

so freaky that market will continue to trend cold, from the drain can be picked up; the market will gradually cool down, start from the Royal park!

last time, hot mom mentioned, recently in the source gradually increased, and last year's market completely different feeling. A friend said that he recently in the chain of home app on the Beijing City, Haidian and Xicheng two district transaction information are grilled again, and found that cheaper than the previous time. Agents who have also entered into deals with hot mother have also sent information that the houses they have recently come out are much cheaper than in March.

therefore, today we would like to discuss the two core risks of the two property market investments.

1 property has a great liquidity risk! The liquidity risk of

assets is the primary risk of investment. To some extent, assets that cannot be cashed as soon as possible are not good assets. why is the valuation of listed companies higher than the non-listed company? Because of good liquidity, ready to sell. Ordinary companies valuations higher, want to sell time, anxious to find someone to pick up the disk, but also discounted. What about

houses? The transaction costs of houses are very high. Look around the District, opened 6 intermediary, you can know how much a district can feed dealers. Need showings, the need to negotiate prices, apply for loans, pay taxes and fees, for transfer, but also decoration, buy furniture or occupancy, or rental... In short, the ash is often troublesome. Every time I toss a house, my mother feels exhausted.

this time, the purchase, the purchase itself adds further transaction costs, purchase qualifications need to get, loans need to run. So need money, anxious sellers, only a discount to sell the house as soon as possible, do not worry the landlord will sell very slowly and wait for the right price to sell, gradually increased in the sale of housing market will slowly down the cold. This is why

, each time when prices most crazy, hot mom always stopped, because this time into the house, when completed the formalities of selling, the market has cooled down, selling loss of intermediary fees and taxes at the same time, but also have some discount. although it appears that the book price has risen by 1 million or more, but really want to sell, a discount, you will not eat any meat.

buy a house investment, must be in the initial stage of the market! The

2 property we will not rise the investment property is losing money.

investment in the housing market will be a loss, and even before the house has not fallen, it may lose.

for the price volume first-tier cities are all big, precipitated a lot of money in the house, but also a surprisingly low rental ratio, so from two or three years in the short term, as long as prices do not rise, this is a real interest in the lost opportunity cost.

, especially for investment buyers. in accordance with the current policy, on the spicy mother learned of the situation, the whole paragraph or Shoufu 8 into the proportion of more, that is, you can put leverage is very small. if the money to buy a house in the bank, or buy a financial management, a 4%-8% income, 10 million of the house, a year also has 400 thousand to 800 thousand interest. Obviously, the house does not go up is a loss of trading.

if plus a discount, then the deduction of taxes, can be said that after buying the house market price rose 10% to a draw. This is the hot mom repeatedly said, prices fall behind.

3 just need to buy property, perhaps usher in a good time,

just said two investment property market risk. However, this does not mean that the house can not be bought. In the long run, real estate is still worth investing because of inflation, and it's the first addition to buying an enterprise.

just need children's shoes, Shoufu low proportion, low lending rates, these two low decided to buy housing costs lower than the investment. Moreover, most just need the shoes themselves are still renters, so buy a house also saves a rent, so a go, even if it does not rise for three years to buy a house this account can be considered.

not only that, when the property market crazy, out of the house a sell, buyers shouted full payment with cash and a seller, you buy to live where people don't see the South transparent, residential garbage stinks, not far from the subway, how is this better than others for capital

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