To eliminate the new father mother come with new obstacles

Obstacles childbirth children psychology

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postpartum new mother body slowly recovered, but the desire is still marking time, frigidity phenomenon. This new dad poured cold water on the same time, whether it is physical or psychological, or more or less have a negative impact. So, want to eliminate barriers to intercourse postpartum new mother, new dad how to do? Source of

2, new mother body is too tired

due to the need to take care of the children, housework, physical and mental fatigue, intercourse often flesh.

3, the new mother's reproductive system disease or damage caused by

vaginal delivery of mechanical damage and the damage caused by the scar, will cause pain when sexual intercourse, reduce their pleasure. In addition, certain diseases such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, will also make the new mother's sexual desire to reduce.

4, new mother psychological too anxiety

postpartum women in sexual life, often have a lot of concerns, such as the fear of contraceptive measures are not in place while pregnant, afraid of wounds because the life of a husband and wife and infection. In addition, some women feel the birth of a child, the figure is out of shape, will not like the husband; or at the beginning of a mother effort to take care of the children and centerless men and women, and so on, will lead to a new mother, decreased libido. < p > remove obstacles: postpartum sexual life recovery harmonious

3, a new mother, recovery

husband. This point is very important, to allow couples to sex of the third peak. You know, two of the world first peak in sex when the couple joy in their marriage. called, "oil and water", very close. The second peak in the gestation period, known as the "water clear". Postpartum time is the third peak between husband and wife, step by step, you can unlock more posture, to experience a more beautiful.

4, attention to psychological differences

should pay attention to the psychological differences between the two sides of the couple. The husband wanted to try not previously used the posture, but his wife often eager to find when the couple joy in their marriage. passion. The two sides need to make compromises, jointly adjust the mentality, to create a harmonious life of husband and wife.

5, pay attention to sexual intercourse posture

postpartum, new mothers body has not been fully restored, this time should pay more attention to prevent genital trauma. Postpartum vagina is dry and vaginal mucosa is very fragile, this time the husband to pay more attention to caring wife, when of the same branch of a family, appropriate to adopt a more moderate position, action as gently as possible, to his wife some foreplay, try to eliminate psychological barriers. At the same time should pay attention to avoid excessive posture, if the action is too large, may cause maternal vaginal laceration, resulting in bleeding.

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