Limited time limit millet MIX/Note2: the highest straight down 300

Millet 6G Xiaolong SONY

ITzhijia· 2017-06-03 10:18:44

MIX, millet has released 8 months, from the previous to the current difficult to panic buying, adequate supply, the full sense of the future full screen has been really everyone can buy, but the good news is that the current machine ushered in a limited time offer, the highest drop 250 yuan.

" as part of the 618 activities of the Jingdong, to buy millet MIX single stand by 200 yuan coupons, minus 50 yuan, in addition to enjoy the flowers chant 6 installments interest free, hand price of 3249 yuan. Hardware, millet MIX with 6.4 inch screen, Xiaolong 821, standard edition exclusive edition 4+128GB| 6+256GB storage combination, 16 million pixel PDAF camera, 4400mAh battery, support QC3.0, support high precision SAP aided positioning, support HD HD quality.

in addition, millet Note2 also offers, June 1-18, millet Note2 128GB version, single stand minus 300 yuan to enjoy flowers chant, 6 installments interest free, hand price 2999 yuan. Millet Note2 uses hyperbolic positive flexible design, back curved glass 3D, using 5.7 inches 1080P resolution screen, equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, built-in 4/6GB memory and 64/128GB UFS 2 flash memory, providing a 8 million pixel front camera (SONY IMX 268, auto focus) and a 22 million 560 thousand pixel rear camera (SONY IMX 318 F2.0, aperture, support EIS three axis video stabilization), battery capacity 4070mAh, maximum support 18W fast charging.

reportedly, millet MIX discount only June 1st -6 month 3, June 12th -6 18, interested in IT's home, small partners to seize the.

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