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prepare pregnant mothers, do you know how to quickly get pregnant do not want a hit that is not an easy thing, then the method of rapid pregnancy what are it? Class= img_box "

" how easy to conceive?

with the increase in the pressure of modern life, the parents try to postpone the age of pregnancy, pregnancy may become no longer a natural thing. For pregnant couples, you can try these can improve the ability to conceive a good method.

1, foot: because that all the body organs, glands will be reflected from the foot, the foot can be help women relax mood, relieve stress, some techniques to stimulation of the genital system, the emphasis is placed on the reflection of the pituitary gland, to balance in patients with hormone.

2, acupuncture and Moxibustion: the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, health by gas and, gas is a under the skin of energy, including the amounts of yin and Yang. When the gas is in a state of chaos, people will feel unwell, acupuncture therapy can also increase the chance of pregnancy. Acupuncture and moxibustion can increase the blood flow of the uterus and help the egg to better combine with sperm. Acupuncture also balances hormone levels in the body.

3, hypnosis: hypnosis can help women release mental pressure. This therapy is concentrated in the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus is the brain of the more sensitive parts of the pressure, which can transform the emotional information into a physiological reaction. Hypnosis may help women overcome their fear of the consciousness of children.

4, nitric oxide (no): results suggest that nitric oxide can be used not only to extend the older women and young women can be pregnant time window, also can be used to improve the conception rate of the in vitro fertilization of the egg. And can be used to prevent the common pregnancy problems of older pregnant women, such as habitual abortion.

how pregnant probability is higher?

women to do pre pregnancy check, before pregnancy and pregnant for three months to folic acid supplementation, understand their cycle. These can improve the chance of pregnancy, to promote fertility. How to improve the chance of pregnancy?

1, do pregnancy check understanding couple body.

before the baby plan, in order to better prepare pregnant, remember to do a pre pregnancy check. According to the doctor's recommendations can take the right amount of vitamins, folic acid, etc.. Because folic acid can reduce fetal neural tube defects, such as the spinal cord. This is a way to reduce your baby's disease.

2, pregnant women to understand their own cycle.

ovulation is the best time to get pregnant, so women need to be aware of their ovulation. Ovulation test paper also helps to predict the best time of pregnancy. If you often use contraceptive measures, then in the cessation of these measures can be considered immediately after pregnancy, the only drawback is that you may not have a cycle, ovulation may be difficult to track.

3, the best position for her not stiff.

a lot of people think that the male upper body position can increase the probability of pregnancy, in fact, this does not have a scientific basis. This position can only ensure that a large number of sperm into the vagina, the two sides feel comfortable in the right way, so that it is easier to conceive.

4, immediately lie down to increase the chance of pregnancy after intercourse.

you may have heard the saying: "after intercourse, the legs can increase the chances of pregnancy lying down. This is not exactly right. Expert advice: sexual intercourse after lying in bed for 10 to 15 minutes, but there is no need to back legs. But don't go to the bathroom at this time. 15 to 10 minutes later, the flow of sperm to the cervix of the uterus is already there.

5, sexual intercourse should not be too frequent.

even in the ovulation period, frequent sexual intercourse does not increase the probability of pregnancy. Some men after a number of ejaculation, sperm quantity will run out. In general, during ovulation, intercourse at intervals of several nights increases the probability of pregnancy. If you and your partner like frequent sexual intercourse, you can make a few times in a row after ejaculation to do a semen analysis. This analysis can be used to test the quality and quantity of sperm after frequent ejaculation. In addition, tight clothing has a impact on the number of sperm. The study also showed that if a man put his cell phone near the location of the testes, the sperm quality would be weakened. In addition, a large number of male semen to eat beans, semen concentration is relatively low.

6, if there is anxiety appropriate decompression.

pressure can affect ovulation period, but also can lead to male sexual dysfunction and sexual operation anxiety. There is evidence that acupuncture helps stress relief and increases pregnancy rates. Excessive drinking is not conducive to pregnancy.

what to eat to get pregnant easily?

1, black beans efficacy < estrogen supplement some black beans soaked in water for about 12 hours, and then use water to cook until cooked, put a little less salt. From the first day of menstruation after the end of the day, eat 47, and even eat 6 days. People like me this kidney deficiency, the doctor suggested that I eat every day, every day, about 40-50. For a period of time, thanks to the obvious backache better, the temperature is relatively good.

2, Ejiao jujube < is more suitable for the deficiency of Qi and blood of the JM, mainly for menstrual quantity is little, color is not correct, dizziness, cold hands and feet, symptoms, if the deficiency of Qi and blood will affect the pregnancy. Daily with food a spoon dug a spoon into the daily drinking cup (compare some hard to dig into the hot water flushes the clothing, if in the office you can drink a day, feel the body warm.

3, red pond water ginger < warm the uterus, palace cold taking with 250 grams of brown sugar, 150 grams of ginger water, chop ginger pieces, separates the water steam for 30 minutes, is divided into seven parts, from the beginning of the second day after menstruation is clean and even served 7 days, the best morning fasting eat. These 7 days and 7 days after her husband don't, together again. Remind the sisters attention, because the YJ to five days or so, eat this to seven days, plus up to 12 days. If you PL is in fifteenth days or so, you want to let your LG first out of a sperm, roughly seven days before the PL, or sperm may be aging.

red pond is a relatively hot ginger water, so the menstrual period is generally not to eat, will make the volume increase. That is to say is in the non menstrual period to eat, can eat to the next menstruation, also for the next period of menstruation to adjust the body, is very suitable for body cold body virtual and there is cold the sisters take. As for the body heat of dry gas of the sisters to see to eat, after all, after menstruation is need blood, eat a simple brown sugar water can, do not eat catch up is too, but be careful president Doug flow nosebleed Oh!

4, angelica honeysuckle soup < to drink the soup, red dates, black beans, eggs all finished. Remember to take in the first day of menstruation, this must be done. (no need to take a bleeding, bleeding after a long time taking can be. )

5, turtle soup < women to around the time of ovulation leucorrhea more and more transparent, like clear nose, drawing, so leucorrhea to conceive, but some transparent female leucorrhoea little, or very turbid, is not conducive to pregnancy. This therapeutic method is beneficial to increase the transparency of the wire drawing, some of the follicular development is not good friends will also have a great help, without any side effects.

6, soy milk

women drink milk a month 300-500 ml per day can play a role in regulating the endocrine, can significantly improve the mentality and physical quality.

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