Than 2016 of Baidu's miserable, probably only 2017 of the Uber

Uber dollars Baidu drops...

weifengwang· 2017-06-03 17:16:23

, Uber, because of alleged theft of Waymo data, research and development of automatic driving technology into a "standstill" risk. On the one hand, the technology has been banned, Uber is clearly another method; on the other hand, automatic driving head in QieMi whirlpool, has now been expelled.

in this chaos, Uber CEO Karan Nick suffered another bad news: his parents in the family to play, the yacht hit the rocks, the mother died, father suffering from serious injuries.

can let grief and anxiety of Nick Karan and Uber's financial situation, the first quarter of this year, a loss of $708 million, the finance director Gautam Gupta (Gautam Gupta) turnover.

although the negative news is commonplace, but can do so many bad news together, but also a few. After much deliberation, can and Uber comparable, probably only last year Baidu.

said, 2016 is Baidu's "retrograde" one year, caused by medical advertising public opinion aftermath lasted a whole year's time, Baidu value deviation, Robin Li reflection became an enduring topic. There were also negative news during the night, such as Baidu's nightly promotion of gambling sites and so on. These negative intervals were frequent executive changes, and in 2016 only several executives, including Vice President Li Mingyuan and Wang Zhan, were either left or expelled.

and Baidu's situation last year, similar to, from the outbreak of sexual harassment in the company began in February this year, Uber entered a year of trouble.

" in February this year, a former female employees Uber had a personal blog posting disclosure, working at Uber a year, male bosses continue to suffer sexual harassment and take revenge behavior. The employee is not the main accused of sexual harassment, but the human resources department of the company and the senior management staff in its report, not completely ignore the processing behavior -- this strike hit a Uber core of enterprise culture, the company also fell to the bottom of a public image.

public relations have been questioned, and Uber's government relations are in crisis. Uber in order to avoid the local law enforcement investigation, law enforcement has launched a shield called the car account of the anti phishing program "Greyball", and now the United States Department of justice has launched an investigation on this program does impede law enforcement, improper use of the user authentication information. Karan Nick can escape the robbery is a mystery.

CEO" Karan Nick personal negative lot. The first is the former girlfriend broke he took part in a Uber KTV Seoul escort tour in 2014, then the kalanike ride in the Uber car, and burst foul language to the complaining of declining revenue drivers. The video was recorded by the driver and spread to the Internet, triggering intense online criticism. Similar to Baidu,

, along with the negative news, must have a surge of executive unrest within the company. Uber has lost more than important executives, including Uber President Jeff Jones (Jeff Jones), responsible for public relations director, responsible for the map business vice president, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory responsible person have left.

civil strife is not flat, the enemy does not make people worry.

reported that in 2014 to 2016, the number of drivers and the position of Uber is also using a spy program to track its rival, the American car market on another service provider Lyft, this competition not be agreeable.

Uber's other built-in programs are also causing problems. For example, Uber app can still keep a program "tail" after it is uninstalled, tracking the user's device identity secretly. In order not to let Apple find, it also "black" apple California headquarters. This made Cook fly, immediately invited kalannie grams of office and personally threatened, if Uber also do so, immediately from the App Store shelves.

" but Uber and Apple's dispute is only a little friction between Google's parent company Alphabet's automatic driving company Waymo and Uber litigation is a protracted war. Does Uber have stolen Waymo technology, it should wait until after the court decision to be conclusive, but Uber damage was real: they have lost the unmanned research opportunities, and forced to dismiss unmanned leader Anthony Levandowski (Anthony Levandowski).

Uber may have to pay a higher price.

, in addition to prosecuting Uber, Waymo has also worked with Lyft to jointly conduct road testing for driverless cars. Lyft completed $600 million in financing in April, with an order of 70 million 400 thousand in the first quarter, up almost 2.5 times last year, and is in a period of accelerated growth. In the latest animated episode of Silicon Valley, the balloon that represents Lyft is getting bigger and bigger and has begun squeezing Uber.

for a company, want to go out of a trough of opinion, the best way is to use performance to speak. Good products, brilliant revenues, and amazing profits can draw attention away from these negative news. But unfortunately, the Uber industry

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