Ouyang Nana Yan sister 13 years old have high value guards legs

Ouyang Nana three sisters dance and dance together Ouyang Nini

juziyule· 2017-06-03 18:23:51

, Ouyang, Nana's family, we should be familiar with it, this family from performing arts, all born with artistic cells.

", "three sisters" are of high value, and their parents are really lucky!

sister Ouyang Nini played some of the drama, once because of cheating in the exam was controversial, but in the mainland, or Ouyang Nana some more fire, the two movies, TV dramas and variety in her presence.

" is now the youngest sister Ouyang Didi grew up with the guards little girl was only 13 years old long legs, big eyes look weird.

Ouyang Didi young, but the young she has been involved in the entertainment circle, 2015 when played idol drama "dance dance together".

" this year, Ouyang Didi in Hunan satellite TV lantern joy will play the cello, I do not know who is better than her sister. Really amazing

" this one family, the three sisters look like.

the last sentence you think the three sisters who best?

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