Di Ali Gerba was grilled 10 years ago, just 15 years old!

Di Ali Gerba Anaerhan Xinjiang Guangzhou

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said that she dilireba pretty, but you certainly haven't seen. 6 years ago, Reba first TV as a heroine, when she was 19 years old, as a beautiful and kind-hearted girl nation.


head earthen bowl, twisting the neck dance, this is Xinjiang's unique art.

makeup, Reba the mole on the face clearly visible, with collagen.


" picture taken from the Anaerhan of Reba on acting a little vague, this delicate and touching expression is really touching.

natural eyebrow, not wearing lipstick, facial features is very real, Di Ali Gerba in this state is still clear.

"Anaerhan pictures taken from the" /p>

"from a young girl to play the mother, not only rerba makeup appearance, face black several degrees, but the eyes still very aura foot, especially pure.

" in the "year of the rerba Anaerhan", also accepted an interview with CCTV, a fine eyebrow, plump Apple muscle, mixed sense of big eyes is to grab the mirror.

news photo from the screenshots of

said that in order to better portray, Reba countryside to experience life, every day the sun overhead in the vineyard farm, hand calloused, cracking.

news photo from the screenshots of

in order to reproduce the real story of the original crew in Xinjiang, Flaming Mountains in Turpan took three and a half months, the daily average temperature of 45 degrees. In an interview, Reba also known to be in the sun.

" photo from news screenshot

no wonder the rerba bronzed and acne on both sides of the forehead and nose are clearly visible.

" there are friends pulls out old photos, micro-blog in the drying out of Di Ali Gerba 10 years ago to show photos, said: "do you remember playing in Guangzhou? "In the picture, Di Ali Zebaza has a long ponytail and a large red Xinjiang national costume. It is full of exotic scenery.

pictures from micro-blog users and

users drying out the sun shine Di Ali Gerba in the national education school period photographs, facial features really delicate, is a pure natural beauty!

" Reba has a nickname called "fat Di", this from her college dorm see the desk is covered with small snacks!

hand over good drinks, handsome and put a pose~

" to see this picture, I believe fat di chowhound set!

" photo from Di Ali Gerba micro-blog

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Di Ali Gerba was grilled 10 years ago, just 15 years old!