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, Qualcomm and Apple's patent war escalated again. Seeing that several generations of factories have been sent to court by the high notice, Apple has been unable to sit still, and finally voice the support of partners, and said it will provide assistance in legal proceedings. The

involved in patent lawsuit with 4 Taiwan foundries, respectively: Foxconn, Pegatron, Ren Baohe Wistron, Qualcomm said Apple foundry to indicate the patent fee in the indictment, and agreed to provide protection.

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Qualcomm did not disclose the specific amount of arrears of royalties on behalf of the factory, but the outside world is estimated at about $1 billion.

, vice president and chief lawyer Noreen Krall of apple, directed at Qualcomm retaliation behavior, is in the "shortcut", stressing that they will support Taiwan partners, assist to defend its legitimate rights and interests.

Noreen Krall said that Qualcomm sued the apple Taiwan foundries are not necessary, it is unfair, Apple has informed partners, they will stand on the same front. According to him, Apple has allocated bank margin, once the court ruled that the amount of royalties, Apple will pay qualcomm. The defendant

few foundries only responded to foreign Hon Hai and Pegatron, the former in Taiwan to accept the "BBC News" interview, said they had not received any case related legal documents, so no comment. While Pegatron chairman Tong Zixian thinks they sued Qualcomm's behavior is "geshandaniu", don't worry, but I hope that apple and Qualcomm's patent war can be resolved as soon as possible. Figure

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