Uncle Tibet 20 years old money want to change only the value of 20 yuan

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xinwensheying· 2017-06-04 20:03:08

" in Shandong Wudi antique large set, a more than 50 year old uncle in an ancient coin stall, selling his collection for many years to the old boss and hawker tickets of RMB, and finally put 3 pieces of his collection of 20 years of the third generation notes to the low price of $20 sold to stall. In recent years, many hopes in the "dime" banknotes worth tens of thousands of dollars, or even for a car news endless, uncle had wanted to send a small fortune, the result of the desire to fail, very lost. (May 29, 2017)

vendors see Uncle out of these the old tickets each have injury did not interest, not to turn again.

" uncle from his pocket and pulled out a New Republic of central bank notes, vendors offer 10 yuan a, uncle still did not sell.

uncle's pocket and took out a few pieces of inventory, and the 1990 version of the fourth generation of 100 yuan and 50 yuan, the antique stall after watching said 100 yuan notes do not accept.

50 yuan each can only increase 10 yuan of money, because the same psychological expectations gap is too big, or uncle did not sell.

" unresigned uncle took out a biography of Jiabao Zhang Disan, the 3 set of RMB, divided into the driver of one yuan, one horn, two horn green.

seen, hawker gives 3 Zhang 20 yuan of the total price, only from the value point of view, turned over several times.

", this time the uncle did not refuse, and accepted the 20 yuan change handed over by the vendor. In fact, although the uncle has all kinds of old coins and old Chinese coins in hand, he doesn't know the value of the old coins. He said, "look at the news that 10 Fen can change a car. Why have you treasured it for years, but it's not worth it?"

" class=, it is understood that the third sets of RMB version of many different versions of the price difference. The same as the third set of RMB back green watermark one corner market price in 50 thousand yuan, if the last three digits are the same number, you can sell 80 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan, if the last three digits are "888", the market in 150 thousand yuan, 10 Fen can really change a car. "But, this version of the scarcity of the world, who are not able to meet such old coins.

eventually sold only 3 small Uncle Zhang treasure 20 years of notes, to put so many years selling only 20 dollars, he smiled very reluctantly, and put the collection for many years old tickets to swallow. Experts, old coins price speculation phenomenon, but scarce version is very valuable, "for a 10 Fen" is not a myth, but the possession of such coins when people should look for the regular collection of shops, so as to avoid fraud losses.

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Uncle Tibet 20 years old money want to change only the value of 20 yuan

Uncle Tibet 20 years old money want to change only the value of 20 yuan

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