The country's first mine sweeping expert, because a bowl of Kanto cooking retreat

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In August 31st,

2013, Zhou became China's first. She was in Japan for less than half a year and stayed in a language school dormitory.

and her top project is mine sweeping.

Guo Jinyang is a data control, he studied Guo Yujia mine video. In his eyes, Guo Yujia's blind scan skills are very comprehensive, the overall efficiency is extraordinary high, and maintain high speed stamina is particularly good. His every click order is carefully calculated, which helps the subsequent judgment of the "double line operation" that has a strong control over the mouse.

a senior Bureau blind sweep, Guo Yujia can end &mdash in less than 40 seconds; — he is to rely on himself to the flag of desire, daily non-stop crazy practice, continue to optimize the efficiency in order to achieve this level of click. At present, he still swept the middle and senior NF's two world records. A few years later, one of the three giant Xianyao mine, in almost know the answer to Guo Yujia he said affectionately, "very admire", because he is "single handedly, will enhance the NF to the top level can be compared with the FL of the people". Obviously, the same as the NF flow, Guo Yujia Guo Jinyang as ideal candidates for — — although the difference of 10 years old, but in mine, was not so much about, only high, no age level, you beat me, I serve you. Guo Yujia has not remember the details of Guo Jinyang's apprentice. They are different places, has been QQ exchanges, until February 2015, Guo Yujia went to Shanghai to participate in Lei friends party, only to see Guo Jinyang himself. The members of the mine circle met far apart from each other, mentoring is rare. In Guo Jinyang's view, "seduce" the strongest NF genre of Guo Yujia, and he later disciple of Zhang Shaowu and the same data control Lin Jinfan, is a leading group assembled blind scan technology. Perhaps the apprentice, more like the blind sweep flow rendezvous victory might — — after all, Guo Jinyang himself, is the primary NF of a world record holder. Predicament in the second half of 2015, Guo Yujia's results suddenly become miserable. Wang Jiyun almost thought, the top three "Lady" as before the summit, Guo Yujia also want to retreat. This time it was because of injuries. Wang Jiyun, joining ID in August 23, 2011, "9061". In August 2013, she and Guo Jinyang were promoted to the "Administrator" of the mine sweeping network. One of the tasks was to review the game videos manually. The Minesweeper player is iterating quickly. Every year, there are always new people, people are leaving, and many people disappear without warning. At present, less than 16000 registered users of the mine network, the number of QQ main group of more than 600, but still active Lei friends, only about two figures, mostly students.

2006 station so far, statistical data mine network (as of May 23, 2017) in the current Lei Youzhong, Wang Jiyun is old and her qualifications, the same period, most have returned — — perhaps the goal is reached, may be interested in transfer, perhaps a busy school, job changes, perhaps older, too, because the mouse feel no production, and also a few — — including Wang Ji, himself. However, it's easy to get rid of mine, not just the mouse button, but also the button hand — — not everyone like Guo Jinyang, strictly limits their game time. When Wang Jiyun entered the net, a girl named Huang Qi announced her retirement. She was promoted to the "world" worked for 4 years, but because of excessive clearance in the hospital, was diagnosed with wrist cyst, the wrist was unable to force, pain, light twist can hear "click" sound. The doctor's advice is to have an operation and can't use his right hand for the time being. For this reason she trained the ability to write with her left hand. Her life was ok, but she dared not touch mine again in order to keep her hands. Those who seek early hand speed how many friends of mine, have such sequelae: carpal tunnel syndrome, finger tendinitis or tenosynovitis, or injuries such as periarthritis of shoulder. Perhaps the lesson, Guo Jinyang, Zhou Dan and some other friends of mine are beginning to wear gloves, wristbands, plaster on the shoulder, like to engage in high strength sports occupation athletes. However, Guo Yujia is still in the act. It was in the second half of 2015 that his shoulder and hands began to hurt and he was in a bad state. Mine clearance is his only favorite game, and there are very few things in his life that can be called "hobbies". Most of the time, outsiders find it hard to understand what they are after. Perhaps because of the game itself, the lack of continuous viewing, and unlike Rubik's cube, has a stage and display space on TV programs and live webcast. Mine cable under the world championships, also have half year line Post Bar race, but all of them belong to the friends of mine spontaneous behavior "sponsored" folk — — the only official organization of international demining Association, has disbanded in the early 2008, currently operating in the maintenance of the mine, is domestic and international the two ranking mine maintenance, who is also only a batch of the same passion game player. And the net that maintains mine sweeping, it is Guo Yujia, Guo Jinyang, Wang Jiyun these all the time stick down name.

", "Guo Jinyang", and "based on the whole"
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