James Ohlen, director of design at Bioware, talks about what a good design environment is

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) speech at Digital Dragons game conference today, Bioware's James Holen game emphasizes humility, empathy and willing to compromise as a key trait of importance for game designers -- it is not only suitable for Bioware, but for the entire game industry.

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Ohlen is a game design director of Bioware company, he pointed out that now young designers accept education and training cannot be with them when entering the game industry encountered in the work environment to match. "What they think, dream, as a designer may be a person with a unique point of view, like a creative director, who is the last to decide," he said. "The first job

many game designers are in places like EA, Ubisoft or Activision such a large company, and these companies are usually team size hundreds of people; and in their students during the teaching environment, usually is the mode of cooperation, team of four or five team members of smaller, more closely the relationship between. In this way, students are given a sense of belonging and autonomy in the teaching environment, which is not an experience that can not be provided in a large game studio.

"do designers in the game industry is a good thing, it is possible that all the work can provide a sense of achievement," he added and stressed: "but in some ways, the actual experience of the job with your dream it may not be the same. "For

like Bioware's" The Old Republic ", a" Mass Effect "and" Dragon Age "operates the game studio, they require new designers to be able to adapt to the" corporate culture "(a kind of specific cultural values based on). According to Ohlen, these values mean "product quality" and "work environment quality", and the big premise of these two values must be a "modest environment" for the company".

"I think humility is not only a key quality for Bioware designers, but also for creative workers in any field.". I said humbly not let your lack of confidence, not to put themselves out, nor let you lose your motivation; I want to make you realize that there is always a better way to solve things; the answer is not only the one you want to come out of a single answer, there are other more answers, and you want to come out that is not necessarily the best answer is. "

, the best answer is usually what other people think. "The designer's job should not be to make sure that his ideas can be used in the game, but to give the privilege to the best ideas at any time (no matter who thinks of it)," Ohlen says.

in the Bioware game studio, the designers have to play two roles: one is the "architect" (he must have the game design aspects related to creativity and foresight "); another is the translation ideas of others can do this -- the role of experts is the key to success, but if you want to get the design director work, you must learn how to translate creative ideas of others. "

Ohlen admits it's hard to do it - especially when you think their creativity sucks.". (I'm sure anyone in the gaming industry has had that experience.) My advice to you is (and I'm using it myself) to share the feelings of these creative ideas, and to share the same feelings with anyone who wants to be creative...... In short, respect everyone who wants you to translate his ideas.

Ohlen subsequently also discussed what he described as the "ideal" game development is what (the most common game development and game industry in such aspects of the conflict) - "the game industry is ubiquitous compromise. With a limited budget and a product schedule, you also need to have the great talent to make the right compromises that a good designer should have.

"but at the same time, you can't forget your ideal image of the game. What are your goals? To achieve this goal, you have to keep up with the game industry and understand what is expected of the game industry. What kind of work do you belong to now? "

", you should always move toward your ideal game, and then you need to forgive yourself when you can't make the ideal game. Because no one can fully realize his dream. Sometimes you are close to your dreams, and sometimes you are far away from them. No matter what, you must learn something from them, and then move on to the next step. "

" is always good to be aware of what your goals are, so that after that, it's OK even if you don't reach that goal. Because you'll do better next time. "

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In a talk at Digital consultant Dragons today, Bioware s James Ohlen championed humility", empathy and a willingness to compromise as key attributes for game designers - both at Bioware, and in the games industry as a whole.

Ohlen, who is design director at Bioware addressed, what he believes is a mismatch between the wa

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