"King glory" water 3 billion: primary school students love

Kings glory games players RMB

ITzhijia· 2017-06-05 13:14:50

IT home June 5th news, Tencent produced the "king of glory" as a national game, players on the 60 year old uncle, down to 6 year old pupils, can be described as a terrible fire. According to related data, by the end of last year, the "king of glory" day of active users reached 50 million, compared to 30 million in July last year, almost doubled.

in this 5V5 tactical competitive game, many players are pulled WeChat or QQ friends together to open black, when the manpower is insufficient, can be solved by random matching network. The king's glory has become a social medium for friends gathering, not playing "King glory" and chatting with friends may not be able to plug in.

", when a game of fire to this extent, it is not difficult to make money. According to Tencent's relevant data show that this tour of hand in the first quarter of this year, the monthly flow can reach 3 billion yuan. Of course, most of this income should come from the user to buy a hero skin, the most expensive, such as Luban seven skin, "video game boy" to 288.8 yuan, and the cheapest skin should be nearly 30 yuan.

but no matter what kind of skin you buy, it only increases the user's attack by 10. This is acceptable to players who do not have money, and will not appear in some games where the RMB players "roll through the court".

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