Hearthstone anchor destroyed 30 thousand cards into dust: the game crashed

The game AR hearthstone legend live broadcast

weifengwang· 2017-06-05 13:24:09

Kripparrian is the famous "hearthstone legend" anchor, who last night live do a crazy thing, in the more than 1 million fans, he realized the previous commitments, will own three years of repeated card one-time decomposition, which makes the game crashes.

, the feat attracted more than 60 thousand viewers online. Kripparrian accumulation card for three years, in which light orange cards have more than 300 pieces of card, the total number of more than thirty thousand. He will get more than 660 thousand of the dust by this one-time decomposition. He pressed the button and nothing happened......

all right, wait, about a minute. The game is broken. And when he got into the game again, dust was in his hands.

is interesting in Kripparrian before the official broadcast, Reddit forum has been discussing this issue, a Ben Brode game producer was posting said, Kripparrian to do so will bring "hearthstone" server. Foreign media Pcgamer candidly run to ask blizzard, "you worry about him so out of the game will be affected? But why do game player messes up the server? Blizzard declined to answer the two questions, but Blizzard said the hearthstone legend team wanted to congratulate Kripparrian on the impressive milestone! He's done incredible and unique things in the game. We're going to watch his live tonight. "

now, Kripparrian did not break the server, just let the game to crash, is half of the success.

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