Kun Ling very big belly do prenatal party, scene good hot eye

Kun Ling baby warm we

tengxunyule· 2017-06-06 08:00:35

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on June 5th, Kunling married Jay Chou was Mrs. king, now pregnant with a second child male baby about 7 months, often sharing life, will usher in her baby son, recently specially organized the Baby shower (the mother party), quite obviously dressed in a full pregnant belly. Flat white dress debut, party and sisters, is the site to display Warm and interesting.

Kun Ling 5, issued a document to share in the birth of the baby son before, and good sisters held "Baby shower (mother party)" and happy to write in English, "c u soon my boy". I'll see you soon, my boy "

screen, Kunling wearing a hat, wearing a white flat dress, with her white shoulders and slender legs and arms, a super large and obvious pregnant belly appearance, his face covered with a smile of joy, expressed deep pink girly, it is not at all out when the mother of the people.

is interesting, Kunling before the party scene, the table is full of all kinds of "stool color" brand of diapers, side marked "boy is exactly what to eat; another photo, displayed simulation of her baby doll, still stay in the amniotic fluid, write a card next to the word is the boy," I want to have! "At the same time to take notice that he is about to usher in a male baby, so that all fans are quite looking forward to.

Kunling also recorded several videos, pregnant belly bulging playful shaking balloons, and look like side of the body, a warm picture and prenatal party melt, but also attracted a large ticket online message call, "good belly adults but good thin Oh", "skinny beautiful women", "how can pregnant so beautiful! Looking forward to the birth of the baby, "," is simply fat belly, "," is basically sister ah! It's not Mommy, too beautiful mommy! "That's not reasonable," he said. "There's a lot of discussion on the Internet.".

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