China mobile employees annual salary exposure: This is not high, still decline?

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qudongzhijia· 2017-06-06 14:57:43

recently announced the 2016 communications agency enterprises per capita salary list, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China Telecom are ranked among the top 20, but China Mobile per capita annual income compared with 2015 has dropped significantly, many voices outside China Mobile questioned treat their employees very harsh, but according to the analysis of the industry that is not the case.

China Mobile in 2016 the per capita salary fell over 20%

according to the 2016 annual three operators reported China Telecom China Mobile net profit of 108 billion 700 million yuan, net profit of 18 billion yuan, net profit of 630 million yuan China unicom.

" from the above data is not difficult to see, China Mobile's revenue to the China Telecom and China Unicom China two and a net profit of China Telecom, and China Unicom is more difficult to match. It can be said that in 2016 China Mobile has rolled advantage in profitability, the number of users, the number of base stations and so on, then according to the cognition of people, rich and powerful China Mobile employees, should be the best treatment of the three operators, but the data show is not the case.

according to published communication enterprise average salary of employees in 2016 rankings show that in 2016, the three operators in the average annual salary of the highest China Telecom, China Mobile ranked second, China Unicom lowest ranking.

" it is worth noting that China Mobile in 2015 the per capita annual salary of 198 thousand and 800 yuan, and will rise in 2016 revenue and net profit situation, why the per capita annual income decreased by 22.21%, one of the top 20 in the number of per capita annual income decline enterprise?

industry sources, "pay cut" reasons?

however, the fact is not so simple, there must be a deeper reason behind it. After all, if the wages of each employee fell by 20%, then China Mobile's employees were estimated to have been unable to sit down.

in the workplace, especially in the system of staff salaries and qualifications seem to be inextricably linked, and China Mobile's per capita pay is not the highest, an important reason here.

from the beginning of 2015, China Mobile's response to the new labor law, once in the country within the scope of a large number of staff to offer employees within the establishment, plenty of fresh blood is sucked into the China Mobile team, however, these employees are basically lack of work experience, the position is relatively low, so their wages also at the bottom, it was pulled China Mobile's per capita salary level.

on the other hand, changes in middle and high levels of management, turnover and retirement will result in lower per capita wages. This part of the employees are working at China Mobile for more than 10 years, higher than the annual salary of 500 thousand, because of family, age and other reasons to leave China Mobile in this big family, the new management office because of inadequate qualifications may not achieve the former wages, the average income of the whole has a certain effect.

rational point of view, the move this annual per capita salary decline sharply does not explain what the problem, there is no speculation of moving, dealing with harsh staff and so on.

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