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qudongzhijia· 2017-06-06 17:14:06

admittedly, iOS is trying to be humane". released this morning, iOS 11, so that people have a "iOS skin Android" illusion. And this feeling is embodied in some details and new features added.

, for example, iOS 11 adds Dcok, Files, file manager, and drag and drop functionality to iPad.

, where Dock is similar to the shortcut bar at the bottom of the Mac desktop, allows you to place multiple application icons; the Files file manager is similar to the Windows explorer.

as for drag and drop functionality, support images, text, and URL URLs to drag and drop. drags an application into a window that can be displayed on another application, and can still be dragged even in full screen applications, and can be dragged to Dock at any time.

these features, has made a precedent in the domestic Android system. For example, the hammer Smartisan OS's One Step feature allows mobile phones to help users more efficiently solve many jobs that can only be done on PC.

" today, micro-blog released a demo video netizen said: "the to show you my first to experience the new features" 7 months iOS 11, alluding to the new function of iOS 11 already hammer.

video, the users show any pictures of a English with photos of , the shear drag to the right column of the Dock in the way of translation, English is automatically translated into Chinese characters.

this "free advertising" Luo naturally will not miss, and said very personally forwarded "Roche" : "at least they didn't lead you to give up learning and seek progress, like . "

Video: click here to watch

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