Why does the teacher think that mathematics is not for a genius?

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highlights American Mathematical Olympiad team head coach, Carnegie Mellon University Professor Luo Bo, last week invited to Shanghai Qibao Dwight senior high school, bring a lecture to the students mathematical thinking. Dwight, a high school mathematics teacher in the Bund, who also shared his math study with his parents in the micro class, also attended the lecture. In the following, he wrote and analyzed the two problems that Professor Luo explained on the scene, and concluded that learning mathematics needs stimulating interest and finding the right path. When you really like math, you are good at mathematics. The

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last week, the U.S. Olympic team coach, Professor of mathematics at the Carnegie Mellon University in the Bund by Luo Bo education invited to Shanghai Qibao Dwight senior high school, a group of students from mathematics heart love, to enrich a lecture the.

, in the depth of Robert Rowe, he argued that people should like mathematics, not mathematics. Two seemingly similar words actually imply a big difference. Because love is a more powerful thing. When you really like math, you are good at math. Although

was a coach of American Mathematical Olympiad, Luo Boshen did not advocate a narrow geographical or national concept. Because in his opinion, there are people from different countries and regions in a group. He believes that the world is connected, not specific to a country. He hoped that we can actively participate in such competitions as International Olympiad, and cultivate their own sense of challenge. After the end of the

lecture, the author from the Qibao Dwight high school mathematics teacher Ding Jie wrote his feelings. The following is the full text:

I am a mathematician, and my job is to multiply. By the end of today s lecture I would ", like to multiply the number of people who like mathematics by ten.

, Professor of Luo Bo from deep speak

Nakanai Professor Mei, Department of mathematics, Keelung University of American Mathematical Olympiad coach rob by the Bund education invited to Qibao Dwight high school on a class of mathematical thinking"". As a mathematics teacher at Qibao high school in Dwight, I am honored to have the opportunity to attend this most valuable lecture.

as early as the lecture began, the school's multi-function lecture hall was filled with students and teachers eager to look forward to one of the strongest brains in the world. Professor Luo did not disappoint everyone. He used his elaborate public lesson to stimulate students' interest in mathematics. Considering the problem of

language, as Singapore Chinese professor Luo Church in this rare "mathematical thinking", with their own is not very fluent Chinese students tend to ask the Chinese or English teaching.

, let me not only feel the genius of Professor Luo, but also realize his amiable personality, and the whole nervous math class becomes relaxed. Not only that, but in the next question, he also answered all questions patiently.

There are two types of math students: those who are good at math, and those who enjoy math. The latter is more important because if you enjoy mathematics, you will be good at it.

student of mathematics can be divided into two categories: one is itself ten good at mathematics, is a class of mathematics students enjoy. It's more important to enjoy math because you'll be good at it as long as you enjoy it.

, "especially for those of us who are not geniuses," Professor Luo said modestly after his remarks, "constant effort is the right way to succeed."". He believes that in order to find this "the right way", we must go out of their "comfort zone", and then look at their own objective situation. When we find our deficiency, we must begin to keep on trying.

his view completely changed my previous idea that the subject of mathematics was not accessible to all. As a math teacher, I myself realize that mathematics is not for a genius, but for everyone who enjoys it. Professor Luo's next lecture also showed us his idea.

a professor Luo first from a simple interesting question about

problem: the assumption that here placed six in the basket, put a coin in each basket. Now, if you take a coin from any basket, the basket on the right can get two coins. How many coins can you get in this way?

Figure 1: first from the left side of the basket to take a coin, then it is on the right side of the basket will now have three coins. The right basket, because it has no basket on the right, so the coin doesn't change at all. Professor

is a very experienced teacher. Introduce the question

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