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here Xiaobian to sort. September 10, 2016 TOEFL independent writing Zhenti, I hope you can write their own according to the topic to write, look at your essay writing and what deficiencies in what place, may also have advantages, what are your strengths? This kind of continuous summary, then your TOEFL writing results will get a stable increase.

TOEFL writing titled:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: primary schools should spend more time on teaching young students (5-11years old) technology (like computer) than teaching music and art.

The question of exams: what is the most important subject or skill the elementary schools should teach has never failed? "To attract attention from educators, school administrators and even politicians especially when it comes to subjects like technology, or music and art. Some argue that school should spend more time teaching technology than music and Art. Personally, I am not in favor of this position based on the following reasons.

Admittedly, with the advent of Internet and state-of-art gadgets like laptop, tablets being, able to use computers skillfully is being considered as a valuable quality. However, early exposure to computers and other kinds of technological products might bring lots of risks and problems to kids "future development. Recently research by National Society of Psychiatrists shows that exposure to computers at an early age leads to addiction to computers when they grow older and obviously spending too much time in front of the computer can pose a threat to kids to be more 'health, specific, it leads to neck problems, nearsightedness backache, and even Childhood obesity. Moreover, instead of getting addicted to playing on-line games and watching meaningless videos, kids should have spent more time focusing on their academic study, or even learning how to appreciate artwork or music. Indeed, spending more time learning art and music not only benefits the kids, but also it is conducive the community as whole.

First off. Learning art and music at an early age helps to develop creativity and make the kids more imaginative. Actually, lots of scientific research in the psychological field shows that early exposure to art and music not only boosts academic achievement but also promotes creativity, self-confidence and school pride kids who spend more time; in learning art and music end up Having higher analytical thinking and reasoning skills than kids who don t.

Additionally spending more time ", teaching kids music and art can can benefit the whole community. Music and art are a very important part of people s lives. They are necessary" for people to express their emotions, like happiness, sorrow and, even anger regardless of cultural background. Ethnicity, age and even gentle. It is very urgent to spend more time teaching kids knowledge about art and music since they bring change, facilitate innovation and help to unite the community. They are the reminder of the past and maker of tomorrow, they also help to convey ideas and different perspectives. More importantly, art and music have great cultural significan CE, by learning art and music kids will have a strong sense of cultural identity and sense of belonging to community, eventually the traditional values and culture can be passed down to the younger generation.

To conclude, it is more advisable to spend more time teaching kids art and music than technology since not only can art and music benefit the inpidual kid but also it benefits the community as a whole.

above is Xiaobian to sort the TOEFL independent writing Zhenti exams, I hope all of you help for the TOEFL writing. Finally, Xiao Zhu wishes everyone to get an ideal result in the TOEFL test.

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