18 year old twin brothers preparing for college entrance examination interrupted network for 3 years

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At the

2017" in the college entrance examination, Anhui Bengbu Guzhen county first middle school science 17 and class 18, the photographer took a pair of twin brothers Xu Wenhe Xu Wu of the college entrance examination.

Xu Wenhe, Xu Wu is a pair of 99, belongs to the rabbit, this year just 18 years old. My father runs a small wholesale department and my mother works as a teacher in a private kindergarten. Like many senior high school students, tomorrow they are going to enter the college entrance examination in 2017. They are excited and have wonderful dreams. The teacher said, their results are usually stable, are in the class of the top three, admitted to 211 colleges and universities is no problem, brothers in sprint 985. Pictured ten minutes break, Xu Wu (red) chatting with the students.

" please input the text. Xu Wen said that the third impression basically is learning or learning, now in retrospect, too soon. In the third grade, Xu Wen said he liked to play very much. He liked playing volleyball in the PE class, doing his homework in the class and listening to music. After coming home from school, I like playing cards, cards, games, love sports, sometimes on Saturday and Sunday, I will go to KTV to sing. In the evening study class, the chemistry teacher is in class.

" for language learning, Xu Wen said he walked very flat, pay attention to reading, especially the exam when writing to write neatly, in the common sense more carefully, to test a good score. When brothers come home, the most important thing is to read and study.

" for university life, Xu Wen has his own vision, he believed that the university is my friends and Learning Paradise, can and have a common aspirations of the students roommate chat, compared to the high school life, university life must be free. Xu Wen said, after he went to college, will choose to read in the library, you can see what ancient literature. It's better to find a part-time job, such as a restaurant waiter. The two brothers said that the school entrance exam countdown signs, or to make many students nervous every day.

" about the family education of their parents, Xu Wen said he and his brother's education has a tight song, every time the performance decline if it felt very sorry mom and dad. At that time, junior high school entrance examination time, my father said, if you can not take a test, down to work, and then he did not let his parents disappointed, more than a fraction of more than 80 points.

brother Xu Wen love to play the game, but home off the net for 3 years, there is no mobile phone card, is not even on the wireless network.

" in the eyes of Xu Wen brother, brother is lazy, but more love to sleep, it is relatively hard to learn. Younger brother playing basketball is better, from small to large, Xu Wu than brother Xu Wen good results. The picture shows the class is about to begin, and the brothers are eating at the stairs.

Xu Wen said, over the past decade, the two brothers have a better understanding of each other, encountered difficulties, are choosing to move forward, do not love the audacity of comfort. The picture shows that the students are preparing for the final battle.

"figure today would not buried in what looked tomorrow? "Inspirational slogans.".

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