How do teachers and parents teach children to watch clocks?

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proper time


age appropriate

teach children learn watch parents should note that children recognize clocks should be carried out in the right age children, when children around the age of 6, is the beginning of image thinking turned to abstract thinking, and exercise the child's logical thinking ability is very wise


reserves the right to knowledge learning watch seems simple, but the pointer in length, size of the figures, and a simple multiplication is necessary, even if the children are not learning to master, the watch will become very difficult.


children are interested in learning

children in learning, interest is the best teacher of children, parents should be through a variety of ways to attract children's attention, let the children have a certain interest to recognize clocks, such learning can be more effective.

parents should adjust good mentality, ready to watch

1. children would not be a simple matter, as parents must be psychologically prepared, don't be crying because you can't teach, but not because the child learns to child abuse.

2. parents and children can be together with a hard paper making lovely watch caused by the children's children to watch the cultivation of interest and cognitive awareness, can let children help see time naturally or half unconsciously usually, by weakness of the way to let the children have interest to help us solve the problem".


1. first steps to help children build a concept of time, tell the children 24 hours a day, 60 minutes per hour, per minute 60 seconds; some of the basic elements of

2., took out a small watch made to help children on the understanding of pointers, numbers and the direction of rotation, rotation of the

3. with time to help; the children know first clockwise, training children's ability to recognize clockwise; from time to time asked the child what time, the child will tell you that the number of points is clockwise;

4. slowly to the minute numbers let the children take, such as 10:10, can let the children say: 10 point 2; so that the child will establish a concept a one hour and minute hand.

5. when children can turn the hands of digital accurately reported, minute numbers can accurately report the calculation method of the minute hand began to teach children. Can proceed from the overall concept, let the children know the minute round is 60 minutes, even to the first 10 minutes, the second number is twenty minutes, and so on. Slowly, the child will have a simple idea in mind. This process is the most difficult for children to learn the process, so parents must be more patient.

6. when the child can say a few points, you can play games with your child, let the child play with his hand, and say the time. You can also draw a clock without a pointer, and say, "time, let the child fill in the pointer.". The relationship between

7. and time to build a child of the sun, let the children aware of the existence of knowledge is not isolated, is connected with nature, so that the child will know there is a law of nature, the child's spirit of exploration will slowly be inspired.

is a small clock, seemingly simple, in fact, in the process of teaching, not only can help children learn to recognize clocks, cultivate parent-child affection can help, but also can let the children understand the natural and social relations, but also to cultivate children's logical thinking ability and practical ability.

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How do teachers and parents teach children to watch clocks?