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" is the guardian of Athena in a very classic world of Warcraft RPG map, a stunning fourteen year long history of map, after countless years of suffering, still did not change the volume of the wayward Guardian Athena (less than 200KB), spanning fourteen seasons of this volume has been completely is a legend still, no wonder so many people playing. The simple elements, like our childish childhood, are full of childishness, which no other RPG map can ever go beyond. As the map of the old game player, I play that strange, today we have a test recall this rare classic.

number of

1-8 people

game player map

map type


simple role-playing (survival, defense, nurturance)

clearance time of

is less than 1 hours of


advantages simple light entertainment, small map, game player killing time with more passion


tornado that will lead to disadvantages of micro wave card. The machine is too old to bear

a story map writing fourteen years Guardian legend, in order to protect the whole Na goddess of Athens as the center, three branches spread around, a road is a monster daily attack, in the middle of the road fork in the tail, but the monster attack will eventually come together violation of athena. Line is to ease the monster stacked in the same place too much focus on the problem of excessive damage and Carlton ~ to develop the game involved in the clearance is eat books and improve their own strength of the main attributes, eat more meat and more high output power, quick in the upgrade and slightly increase armor attack speed, reasonable collocation of heroes and items, is the only proper course to take fast customs clearance. There are not too many times to hang yo, hang once 30 seconds to revive it, resurrection long, at this time, if no teammates, waiting for Athena girls were mercilessly destroyed it.

map on

recently in the official Warcraft battle platform has many users to try this map, many people have questioned why such a simple content, such a small map but there are so many people to play? In fact, everyone has overlooked one of the most important issues: Athena is a goddess, this is secondary, and most importantly, it is easy to get started, and everyone can easily understand the essence of the game.

for a game, the novice experience is very important, many of these Warcraft map authors have a problem, that is, a series of content thrown on the map, allowing players to tap their own. On the contrary, it seems simple this point has become the biggest selling point: Athena let people see the core content.

actually, when I first started playing Athena, it was about eight years ago. Vaguely remember, my brother took his two friends along with the car I drove with. The beginning of the play and now feels like the equipment you buy so many pieces, it is all simple, in eight years. I have some pictures today, like Athena, so capricious? But don't look at the equipment, the equipment attributes are very delicious, whether it is physical, blood, or attack speed, ascension, and even armor, life values are readily available!

re demo

, after a lapse of eight years, I can not remember the process of playing Athena, and today I once again show their skills! The game starts, reads......

" game began to start on a

I do not know whom to direct, medical, small crooked shadow hunter. We have a six money is very fast, three road two, Paladin early out of a split weapon, brush soldiers quickly to no friends, robbed my experience. Endure for a while, can afford to buy some better equipment, and resolutely return to the city, the Paladin to brush, let him brush it. The home, find someone bought in the city (soldier home can buy the mountain giant like soldier home, mountain giant is the most meat, carry no words hurt), at first I feel very confused people buy creeps, obviously now we can output the hero himself early can carry ah, to buy this giant why? No, I still play on my own. Until once back to the city, I took advantage of a high attack speed, there is a sudden attack of treasure equipment, very difficult to gather money to advance to the store waiting for fear of being taken away. When the Kensai walked by me and gave me a sword. I was so angry that I revived my anger. After the resurrection I was dumbfounded, finally understand why people buy the mountain giant, is actually the Kensai buyers. He pulled the giant home and raised it. Then click on the holding position (fast interface H), even if such a giant attack will not get out of the way, and I have been trapped by the white tiger. And then look at the Juggernaut on the map to run around, seems to be developing a conspiracy.

seems to have nothing to do with buying mountain giant at first, it turned out to be of great use. When I was trapped, I went back and decided to reopen. In fact, I have fun. If it had been more fun and less angry, I would have been sensible. When we have three game player except juggernaut in the battlefield enemy

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