19 year old girl 1 million 700 thousand selling virginity: I'm open

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zhongqingwang· 2017-06-09 06:52:41

" recently circulated on the network a classified ad, a 19 year old woman in Sydney claimed to be $250 thousand (about 1 million 700 thousand yuan) price to sell her virginity. According to the advertisement, the woman is 161cm tall and weighs 44 kilograms. She is strong.

" according to the "Daily Mail" reported on 8, on Thursday, a woman released a called "Virgin" in the online advertising. In the ad, the girl said, "Hey, I'm a 19 year old girl who wants to sell her virginity.". "And then list a list of terms of sale.

", "we can go to the restaurant together, and we can go out for a meal, what's the meeting?". "You can go to the Select Hotel and we'll deal there.". If I don't want to do it, I have the right to cancel the deal. "The advertisement says," we have to use the condom "and warn any potential buyer:" you have to pay the upfront payment in advance. That's what we can discuss. ". "

obviously," can not use erotic goods "and" can not use violence violations". The advertisement also says: "video is not allowed.". "

", the end of the advertisement marked the woman's price: $250 thousand. "Send me your questions and offers.". I'm open to everything. "The ad says.

, the girl is not the first to offer virginity to paying customers. Last month, a German girl posted information about her virginity on her website, claiming that doctors could prove the girls were virgins. Kim,

18, plans to sell her body through an intermediary, Cinderella Escorts, to finance her studies and an apartment and a car.

according to local media reports, 5 feet 8 inches (1 meters 73) high students bid is 86640 pounds (about 760 thousand yuan), of which the intermediary will extract 20%.

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