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children now, and life is too abundance compared to the past, perhaps the outside environment is too poor, or dense high-rise buildings of the barrier, are increasingly reluctant to walk out the door, facing the air conditioning heating, every intelligent toys, awfully. Parents also had an easy, but this time, I do not know whether they still remember when I was young, although there is no toy, but still be under the sun run day laugh.

", for children, it is very important and pleasant to go out for a walk.

out of the house, into the streets, they will make a lot of friends, your age, hobby convergence, we can run unbridled slapstick, even if one is not careful to fall over, which Pateng fell out of tears, but still can be in the shortest time, stood up, wiped away tears, to continue to invest you go in the game, because, this time, they will find that the original, the company of friends than those toys more lively, more interesting.

out of the house, into the nature, they will find a lot of you had never seen the wonderful, those flowers, previously only found on television in the trees, insects, butterflies, really can be so vivid in my eyes, a new world, so they can't wait to open the eyes, explore new this colorful world, and explore the children's desire and creativity, but also slowly sprout a little growth.

out of the house, into the community, they will come into contact with different people, different things, they will find that the world is so diverse, with their usual home contact environment is so different, perhaps, slowly, they are no longer what are self-centered, they try to understand them, understand others, imperceptibly, his mind is more mature, the real growth, is not it?

so, put down the mobile phone, put down the remote, with children, go out for a walk.

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