The 5 generation is ugly? One plus mobile phone: fax machine will reverse the staff response

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cnBeta· 2017-06-10 06:07:38

is very rare, in the 21 day before the conference has not been held, one plus open the phone's shape design. It seems that one plus 5 is very light, using metal sand blasting after the shell, parallel double perturbation, U shaped dome antenna design, fuselage hemming handle is very mellow. However, officials announced after the appearance of also received controversy, including quite similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, the ugly.

" in this regard, one plus CEO Liu Zuohu did not respond directly, he forwarded a product staff fangbei in detail in the know in micro-blog. The main points are as follows:

1, one plus 3 before the release of the network, according to the Ministry of exposed photos, said in a basic one-sided plus 3 ugly, no highlights, male mold, plagiarism, camera projection … … but after the release, who touched the real person, feel a hand 3 very good, very texture.

2, a flat picture, how many mobile phones can you really show? After all, every day is a mobile phone in his hand, is not only to see the plane, but also feel, not to mention the radian and details of … the Ministry of the passport, many people still feel the photo on the ID card particularly ugly …

3 and iPhone 7 Plus in the cloth before a series of spy photos, netizens also basically are one-sided comments: the ugly, protruding camera, apple pill and so on, but a real release, how many people feel ugly? Not just shouting "WOW" while buying, buying, buying?

4, the camera is flat, is a very simple thing, which mobile phone manufacturers can do. But making a flat means that a camera component may shrink or even be removed. At this stage, the two can not have both, even apple did not do, the product is balanced art, this is not an impossible problem, but the choice. Before

5, do not touch the real, or hope that we can rationally, see and touch real talk again. I have touched, really not cut hand …

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