China's commerce minister talks about India and Pakistan joining the SCO: three major opportunities

China opportunity the three largest India

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-06-10 07:21:42

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in new Astana on 9 June, (reporter Jiang Taowen Long Jie) India and Pakistan after joining the SCO "circle of friends" will be further expanded, further enhanced the economic strength, regional economic cooperation has greater potential. "The Chinese Minister of Commerce, Zijin Mountain, 9, said in an interview with China's major media in Astana. The seventeenth meeting of the Council of heads of

member countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization was held in Kazakhstan, Astana, from 8 to 9. The summit approved the resolution and formally absorbed India and Pakistan as a member of the sco.

on the India and Pakistan become a member of the SCO, Zijin Mountain believes that the move will bring three opportunities for Regional Economic Cooperation:

, first, the expansion of international and regional influence. "Zijin Mountain pointed out that after the expansion of the SCO member region extending to the south of the Eurasian continent, accounted for 3/5, accounting for nearly half of the world population, GDP will exceed $14 trillion and 500 billion, accounting for 1/5 of the global total, will promote regional stability and development play a more important role.

two is to help build a new pattern of interoperability. Zijin Mountain said that after India and Pakistan joined, the SCO is not only an important platform for the construction of an economic zone on the land Silk Road, but will also connect the maritime Silk Road and linkage the two major markets in Asia and europe. We will work with all parties to continue the implementation of energy, communications, transportation and other areas of network infrastructure construction projects, promoting the coordination of transport logistics project with regional influence, build regional interconnection network is fast and efficient.

three adds new momentum to regional economic cooperation. Zijin Mountain said that India and Pakistan are members of the India WTO, as emerging economies, rapid economic growth, information technology, pharmaceutical and other industries developed, will bring new blood and new impetus for regional economic cooperation. China hopes that countries such as India and Pakistan and within the SCO framework, further strengthen communication, expand consensus, and actively promote trade and investment facilitation, to promote e-commerce, small and medium enterprises cooperation, and constantly improve the level of regional economic cooperation of sco.

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