China "underwater nuclear arsenal" strong power show snake maneuver


junmitietu· 2017-06-10 13:11:36

" this is an official journal published the navy nuclear submarine force training according to this figure, in the sea to draw big track of nuclear submarines for strategic nuclear submarines, according to characteristics of it should be 094. On the surface of the water, this type of S maneuver can be done underwater, and it is estimated to be out of track or torpedo attack drills.

094" is our country following the 092 after the second generation of strategic missile submarines, submarine strategic missile launcher on the boat is still 12.

" from the appearance contrast type 092, turtle features is still quite obvious, the main difference in the enclosure angle, angle type 094 enclosure nearly vertical, while type 092 is trapezoidal.

" because the problem of large diameter shell construction has not yet fully breakthrough strategic missile launcher type 094 is not fully contained in the boat body.

094 is equipped with a 12 wave of -2 type nuclear missile submarine. According to the network analysis of the range of about 8000 kilometers (improved possibly to 12 thousand km), equipped with 3-6 missiles warheads, each equivalent of about 10-30 million tons of TNT, that is to say the number of warheads a boat that can carry 36-72, can easily destroy some big city. Even if only a single warhead, TNT equivalent is at least millions of tons of TNT, one can make a city basically destroyed.

" to a naval base in 094 strategic missile nuclear submarine

" is often in a tourist resort on 094 strategic missile nuclear submarine base, in the base of at least 3 ships type 094 in the park.

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China "underwater nuclear arsenal" strong power show snake maneuver


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