Qatar was banned by the Arabia world, which will have 6 impacts on the whole world

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of the GDP annual global per capita ranked first, but few people in the world map was pointed out by small rich country Qatar, suddenly became one of the focus in the world. Not because

may be selected in the World Cup held in winter here and out of the basket, not because of what news of Arabia's most influential world broke the exclusive, what not because they are ready to expand the annual throughput of more than 31 million people in the international airport for the first time in the history, but because of a rare diplomatic movement.

from the beginning of June 5th, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Maldives and other eight countries have announced suddenly with Qatar diplomatic relations: on the one hand, gradually restricted and cut off land sea and air system and all contact; on the other hand, to expel diplomats, domestic citizens have to leave in Qatar within the prescribed period of time. The

extends from the Arabia Peninsula to the Persian Gulf States, soon in the isolated state: the only country and its bordering on land in Saudi Arabia, cut off food and supplies to Qatar 40% sources; shipping means will be Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and other countries blocked routes; Qatar Airways the need to bypass Iran airspace to descend to the Doha airport.

" is stable in the overall atmosphere of international diplomacy, "diplomatic" is a very serious word. In the past ten years, the world happened between countries diplomatic events, 4 occurred in the Middle East, 2 of which occurred in Qatar, and their political allies on Iran sea.

is the collective diplomatic relations, is seen by analysts as "the gulf between the most serious political differences".

Arabia state did not say very specific, but probably not want to please everyone in Qatar, also offended many people

why Qatar diplomatic representative of Saudi Arabia, the statement: "in the past years because Qatar Open or secret to carry out domestic political interference and other members of the GCC activities in Saudi Arabia and support, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and extremist organizations, terrorist groups, decided to break off diplomatic relations with Saudi arabia. "The immediate trigger of the

incident is considered the two thing that happened last month. An article by the Qatar state news agency quoted Al Sani, the head of the state, praising Israel and Iran. After the incident, Qatar called it a hacker. After al Thani in Iran after the election call successful re-election of President Rouhani congratulated.

but analysts generally believe that the reason for crowding out Qatar is more than just mentioned in the statement. In many diplomatic reasons, an explanation of the drama is: the government of Qatar and Iran Al Qaeda had to pay a $1 billion ransom to redeem in the hunting way of kidnapped members of the Royal family. From the previous generation of monarchs,

wanted to shape a broad network of alliances around and around the world. So it has both American military bases, air routes to Europe, and independent professional news organizations, and also ties with Iran, Hamas and Taliban.

is one of the smallest countries on the Arabia Peninsula, behind this "broken" foreign policy, is currently the heads of state of Qatar, Tamim Ben Hamad Alesani hopes to achieve a "small country diplomacy" ideas: he hoped that Qatar can act as a "balancer" in the Middle East, the views of the parties and conflict mediation.

Tamim Ben Hamad A, member of the heads of state of Qatar, but trying to please everyone, it means it is possible also offended everyone.

, in the predominantly Muslim Arabia region, is the first one to bear the brunt of the long-standing contradiction between the two sects, the Sunni and the shia. In Iran, the political ally of Qatar, more than 90% of Shiites, while in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and most other Arabia countries, Sunni Muslims are in power.

, even Qatar itself, is actually a Sunni Muslim country. Another big issue for

comes from the dubious relationship between the royal family of Qatar and the Muslim brotherhood. "Brotherhood" from religious organizations has gradually developed into the world's largest Islamic political opposition group, the position has changed: in many Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and has labelled it a "terrorist organization", the Yemen branch responsible person al-Zindani is marked as "American horror molecular".

" former Egyptian President Mulsi was "the Muslim Brotherhood members of

and Qatar is currently the world's few openly, as one of the" to provide financial assistance and political protection national Muslim brotherhood. This is also in Saudi Arabia announced with Qatar after diplomatic relations, one of the Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir mentioned in the relevant statement of the reason.

finally, some analysts believe that Saudi Arabia is due to ease relations with Israel, so the United Nations to isolate qatar. Qatar

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