And baby one day, the mother will feel the same!

Mama baby

tongzhuangliuxingqushi· 2016-05-05 01:20:29

after the baby, the young mother and father will know that it is not easy to bring the baby. Recently, a mother on the record of a mother on the day and little baby, so that more people know the mother's intentions and hard. But even if it is very tired, the mother still think this is a sweet burden! We

the morning, mom did not wake up, the baby has been in their play!

? Even the toilets are not" personal freedom ".

supercapacitors is rare baby tired of playing a lull, the mother took the opportunity to do the mask.

supercapacitors blink to noon, feed the baby to eat lunch. Sun

supercapacitors, eat a face is ~

supercapacitors clothes watering the plants and baby teething period what should bite try" taste ".

you change a diaper will cry

supercapacitors children in "party", mother beside boring also accompany...

supercapacitors to shopping and commodities on together ~

supercapacitors way to give children buy clothes, the baby has been with the mouth in the "test"! ">

" "" "", in the mother "img" content "15" Id "id =" two show you to the "" "" "" hair dye to "" "" ""

supercapacitors daughter

supercapacitors baby teeth ~

supercapacitors hot clothes baby in play

supercapacitors mother a bath also have a look!

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