In order not to let Wings's tragedy repeat itself, the DOTA player wrote a letter to V and the ice frog

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-06-13 07:28:57

6 12 news, DOTA2 ushered in a new milestone, with the TI7 bonus pool growing, DOTA2 event total bonus has exceeded $100 million. Compared with second LOL, DOTA2 has been leading by nearly $60 million.

" at the same time, an open letter to the V agency and the ice frog today in the game player in DOTA2 caused a stir. Write the letter "img_box"

" author of the micro-blog name is "dzkkk", is an early DOTA commentary, with a fat blue 1v5 video fame, micro-blog and various forums has appeared in KOL. Dzkkk then moved to LOL, while micro-blog's talk about DOTA began to decrease.

in this letter, dzkkk said it would collect the signatures (Steam account name, user name, or DOTA2 number, ID, or perfect pass) and send it to Valve. (looks a bit like a joint name)

to a certain extent, he can write this letter to many people's expectations. There is no doubt that this letter is for the circle DOTA2 shortly before the outbreak of Wings, the team left, ACE team disbanded and blocked the union intervention corps and the members of a series of events, not to mention what is right or wrong, club player was under huge pressure in the psychology, on TI Wings have lost the championship the full opportunity of defending.

this letter also represents the voice of the veteran DOTA, he hoped that through the official attention to this matter, to bring a more fair competition environment for Chinese players.

to Mr. Gabe Newell, Valve, IceFrog's open letter

, this is a letter from DOTA players in china. We have deep feelings for DOTA2, as well as the profound identity of Valve has always been committed to build electronic athletics classic brand, write this letter, and collecting signatures in the Sina game player micro-blog and Reddit forum DOTA2 area, Gabe, Valve, hope that Mr. Newell and IceFrog can hear our voices.

you must have heard in Chinese DOTA a series of controversial incidents over the past few months, the TI6 team WINGS to dissolve, the other a prestigious team EHOME has encountered D_ACE Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "ACE") retaliatory crackdown. More importantly, a number of high level players in the game and the occupation training environment suffered great disturbance and destruction, as held by the industry unspoken rule and soft violence, they are forced to bow to trade union bullying. The dignity and legal rights of the players were trampled on, which seriously hurt the feelings of the DOTA players and the audience. We believe that these chaos is not Valve's pleasure to see.

from media reports and disclosure parties including ACE alliance, information, if continue to let the chaos, healthy development of DOTA2 in Chinese caused irreparable damage:

(1) occupation player's dignity and legal rights by trampling. DOTA2 professional athletes as the industry's top talents, in accordance with the law after the exercise of labor rights, but by the industry's unspoken rules of oppression and retaliation, which in modern civilized society is inconceivable. Because ACE made many third party competition and training activities under the players was forced to submit to the power industry alliance, which is not good for the players to concentrate on training to improve the level of the game, more hope to join the industry would frighten young game player. We want the most talented young players to come to DOTA2, not for fear of bullying from industry alliances.

(2) existing industry alliance patronage, unconscionable, flouting the law. The ACE alliance refuses to recognize the former WINGS players in exercising their labor rights in accordance with the law, and adopts a discriminatory policy towards 5 players in private collusion. No matter how disguised they are, they can not cover up the facts of private retaliation. Even if some players choose to compromise with the alliance under pressure, they can not conceal the fact that the league is above the law.

this time, the victim is WINGS's 5 player. Who will be the next victim? If we allow this organization to continue to stir up trouble, DOTA will be in addition to a few in the Never will there be days of peace., the core of power manipulation, other people can only kneel, all day live in jittery. In the future, there is potential for access to the industry, and it will have to stand by the status quo, and the long-term sustainability of the DOTA2 project will be an empty talk.

(3) ordinary game player and the audience's feelings have been seriously hurt. Unlike other popular games, although the number of players in DOTA2 is not the largest, DOTA2 players' interest in professional games and the ability to pay are the most important foundation for the development of DOTA2. The most important link between the DOTA2 players is the wonderful game and the high level players, not the ACE league. Game player side to the beloved players in the arena of good cheer, the other side is to look at the player committed to the unjust occupation environment, subjected to bullying and constraints, there is no dignity at all, this is not the greatest feeling of absurdity.

imagine, if Lebron James was paid back by the team and legally discharged the contract, how could he be boycotted by the other 29 teams? How could he try to sign his team and get fired from NBA?

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