The etheric currency has gone crazy, expanding to 50 times this year

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21shijijingjibaodao· 2017-06-13 09:41:06

Sina stocks news Beijing 13 morning CNBC said bitcoin rival Ethernet (ETH) the price of currency is also a new high, so far this year has risen more than 50 times, benefiting people of crypto currency demand continues to grow.

, based on data from the encrypted currency website Coinmarketcap, rose to a record high of $407.10 on Monday, up more than 5001% from $7.98 in January 1st.

, the day before, bitcoin prices topped $3000 for the first time so far this year has risen by more than 200%. "The strong interest in bitcoin has boosted investor demand for other encrypted currencies," says Pavel Matveev, co-founder of

's personal finance application Wirex. In this sense, there is some correlation between encrypted currencies, but the etheric currency has its own basic requirements. There is no direct competition between the etheric currency and bitcoin. They serve different needs. "

Ethernet coins are considered" bitcoin 2 edition ", using bitcoin block technology different from the" Ethereum ". Unlike bitcoin, companies focus more on how Ethernet technology is used in real-world applications.

Morgan chase (86.98, 0.02, 0.02%), Microsoft (69.78, -0.54, -0.77%), Intel (35.73, 0.02, 0.06%) are optimistic about Fang Ethernet technology, and in March this year, set up a "enterprise square (Enterprise Ethereum Ethernet Alliance Alliance, EEA), has recently joined the company 86 alliance.

at the same time, the recent increase in the number of initial public offerings (ICO), a new form of financing for crypto money start-ups, came from IPO. These ICO are tens of millions of dollars in size, many of which are based on the Ethernet square block chain technology, meaning they will use Ethernet tokens, thus helping to boost the price of the etheric currency. In addition,

founder Vitalik Buterin recently, the etheric Fang met with Russian President Putin. Industry publication Cointelegraph reported that Putin and Buterin discussed the application of Ethernet technology in russia. Industry experts say further regulatory and government intervention could help boost prices for bitcoin and etheric currencies.

Forex Analytix technology analyst Nicola - Duke (Nicola Duke) said that the price of ether coins has exceeded 377 U. S. dollars, the key "resistance" may soon rise to $476.

Wirex Matveev, the co-founder of Pavel, said the price of the currency could rise to $600 by the end of the year, which means a further 47% rise from Monday's high.