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yangshicaijing· 2017-06-13 22:29:48

" even the loss of four years of Ocean Sports was officially ST, since June 13th, the rapid sports stock officially renamed ST ouxun. Earlier, the main business model for the European sports light asset operations, stable performance, stable cash flow, operating profit. In 2013, the company layout of long-term physical asset investment, fully into the heavy asset management mode, then opened the 4 consecutive years of losses, the sports investment, the Super League and a football ticket underwriting business dragged ouxun sports back.

in order to losses, Ocean Sports flesh bleeding". Wouxun sports said, the future will abandon the short-term heavy asset management mode, narrowing the scope of business, reduce the risk of sports investment, stable cash flow, the traditional advantages of the project and sponsored sports consulting services, and return to the company's overall strategy but perhaps huge investment "the rapid contraction of this former dashuipiao" will lead to huge losses, save Europe fast sports is still a puzzle.

three version of the new listing losses become a turning point in the rapid sports performance. Ocean sports report shows that in 2016, the company achieved revenue 90 million 447 thousand and 200 yuan during the reporting period, reduced 2 million 571 thousand and 100 yuan over the previous year, a net loss of 5405.66 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29 million 359 thousand and 200 yuan loss, the total assets of 79 million 930 thousand yuan, total liabilities of 108 million yuan, the assets of the parent company debt rate is as high as 115%. Since the listing of new three board in 2014, the performance of Europe Xun sports has not been promoted because of the involvement of capital. Data show that the company's 2014 operating income of 33 million 500 thousand yuan, net loss of 1 million 766 thousand yuan, total assets of 23 million 30 thousand yuan, liabilities 16 million 850 thousand yuan; 2015 operating income of 92 million 670 thousand yuan, net loss of 27 million 310 thousand yuan.

sports and football ticket from the huge loss of underwriting losses. Results, the company since 2013 Investment in sports assets, such as the Guangzhou women's tennis tournament, the Champions League Basketball, Bayern identity events, but the business is difficult to short-term profits, so the loss is more serious, bring greater impact to the company's operating performance and cash flow. At the same time, since 2015, the company developed a super and China a football ticketing underwriting business, revenue 21 million 32 thousand and 400 yuan last year, accounting for 23.25% of total revenue, loss of 14 million 420 thousand yuan. Another reason for the huge loss of the company

from the AFC 2013 to 2016 of all events exclusive new media copyright expires. According to the ocean in 2013, 2014, 2015, P. 2016 earnings data show that the company's media content management business income above the AFC's exclusive rights were 7 million 292 thousand, 8 million 652 thousand, 27 million 102 thousand, 6 million 966 thousand.


sustained huge losses, so that Europe's fast sports difficult. A close to the European sports news sources said, the new three board company volume is small, IP operating rights assets increased enterprise operating burden. In recent years, the price of IP has generally risen 10-20 times, and small and medium-sized companies face the risk of marginalization. At the same time, C side consumption capacity is not strong, the super second line Club ticket income in 1000-2000 yuan or so, part of a club ticket annual income is only a few hundred thousand dollars.

therefore, Ocean Sports change in 2016 to operate the strategy, change the capital driven access to sports long-term assets management mode, return light assets mode, mainly short-term profit business model. It is reported that by the end of 2016, the company stopped operating sport event most of the serious losses, keep profitable Qiandongnan marathon and Huzhou marathon event, the short term is no longer operating risk investment in new projects, and actively for Brand Company to provide event operations services, but does not bear the risk of loss events, such as lucrative Tencent to Rio road project.

meanwhile, the company cut its business strategy for sport ticket underwriting, ending most of its losses. In addition, due to soaring sports copyright prices in recent years, investment risks increased, Ou Xun choose prudent investment. The company will focus on the company's traditional strengths, sports consulting and sponsorship services. (


hard under tremendous financial pressure, the rapid sports industry on the economic information daily but was regarded as copyright business core resources made up. However, the "zhuangshiduanwan reform" type perhaps for the rapid sports is still not "thirst". The face of continued losses and high debt, to ease the rapid sports by way of new debt up old debt.

earnings show that in February this year, the European sports won 50 million yuan of two-year bank liquidity, in order to repay 2016 of the company's operating liabilities at the end of 20% and 18 million yuan of Beijing bank loans. Ocean Sports said, get 50 million yuan of equity financing in April 2015, in January this year was 50 million yuan 2 years of commercial bank credit support, and liquidity loans to the current application in full, to provide financial support for the company's physical assets investment. After the repayment of the principal debt and the adjustment of business operations, the operating cash flow will be positive in 2017.

in accordance with the rapid sports expectations, the main point of the company in 2017 operating income categories for sponsorship advisory services and events agency operating income, the business revenue model improved, will effectively control the risk. However, the rapid sports reported in 2016, 2016 the company sponsored resource management business revenue 9 million 532 thousand and 700 yuan, down 43.54% over the previous year, accounting for 10.54% of the total revenue; operating income data in the event the earnings report did not make mention of. Analytical person

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