"Super Mario Odyssey" on sale day, make sure you have your enemy with your hat

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-06-14 08:07:59

in the just concluded Nintendo Game Conference, the finale of "super Mario Odyssey" finally identified the specific release date: 10 27 , at the same time, Nintendo also announced a new trailer, an up and enjoy yourself!

from the trailer can be found in Mario's hat can throw some enemies and items to achieve "possessed control" effect, to a small frog, cool chestnut treasure, to a taxi, a Tyrannosaurus Rex that can be attached to manipulation! It's too awesome!

" on Mario's head the top hat is how to life in the video also explained, after his captured Princess Kuba, hat away, this hat is because I do not know what reason there is life, and Mario has damaged the red hat (probably because of the battle and Bowser caused) fit into our now see the hat ~

", Mario will have a great selection of clothes, including suits, Mexico clothes and so on.

"super Mario Odyssey" will go on sale in October 27th this year, do not hesitate to buy ah, burst!

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