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ITshidaiwang· 2017-06-14 17:13:34

Ampang Wu Xiaohui can not perform their duties, shares of the company's share price is affected, have opened lower, the largest Fund believes that little impact, the listed company said it does not matter. Another level, the recent number of well-known insurance companies have been regulators remediation, frequently encountered "impulse punishment."".

today (June 14th) at half past three in the morning, Ampang insurance group issued a statement on the official website: Chairman of Ampang insurance group and general manager of Mr. Wu Xiaohui, for personal reasons, temporarily unable to perform their duties, has authorized group executives to perform duties on behalf of the group, all normal operating conditions. The

statement dated June 13th.

, this confirms to a certain extent "finance and economics" yesterday's report. The report said, learned from multiple channels, on Friday (June 9th), Wu Xiaohui was taken away by authorities, the CIRC to Ampang group meeting, small announced Wu Xiaohui was taken away by the news, but for specific reasons, did not explain in detail.

according to the NetEase financial reports, informed sources from Ampang, Wu Xiaohui was taken away two days ago, June 7th (Wednesday) afternoon, had held an emergency meeting staff, through the video to the Ampang Group employees worldwide preaching. At present, Ampang group's daily work, temporarily by Ampang group deputy general manager, Ampang life chairman Yao Dafeng presided over.

is the most sensitive to the progress of the current event, the concept of Ampang stock market performance of two!

Xiaobian tease out the latest Ampang holdings of data and today's ups and downs, 26 stocks rose none. As of this morning's close, Ampang listed company's total market capitalization of 61 billion 400 million yuan, Ampang share has shrunk by 3 billion 900 million yuan.

fund and listed companies in response to the

Fund believes that the news of Wu Xiaohui won't have what effect to the fundamentals of listed companies.

"I have heavy stocks, there are Ampang concept stocks, mainly banking stocks, earnings ratio is about 6 times, the market rate of less than 1 times, I think the Ampang incident will not have any big impact on the stock price.". "Beijing, a public fund company stock investment director believes that the Ampang stocks mostly blue chips, most of the stocks in the A stock market valuation levels are not high, with a valuation advantage; at the same time, Ampang incident will not affect the business, what is the impact on the fundamentals of listed companies will not. Therefore, the impact of Ampang incident on Ampang stocks is more psychological.

another awkwardness, including Ampang concept private equity general manager believes that Ampang stocks are mainly blue chip stocks, institutions stationed very deep, there will be no rush of shipment. The key is the stocks of small cap stocks valuation is relatively cheap compared to the event, the short term on the Ampang Ampang stocks will have a certain impact, do not rule out some institutions while short-term Anbang stocks fell bargain purchase.

from the above table can be seen, at the end of the first quarter, Ampang holds Dongjiang 17 million 240 thousand shares of environmental protection, accounting for 1.94% of the total share capital. Today, Dongjiang environmental protection opened 0.62% lower.

djec secretaries Wang Tian - E company responded to the Securities Times reporter, the number of shares has not changed after the Ampang Ampang never contact to buy company stock, and the management of the company or shareholders, no researcher Ampang's research. Ampang investment in Dongjiang environmental protection may be pure financial investment, Dongjiang environmental protection is the only environmental protection shares in Ampang shares, the possibility of asset allocation reasons.

reporter immediately also called other Ampang Holding Company investor hotline, most companies said, Wu Xiaohui can not perform their duties, and the company has nothing to do.

golden group said, this does not say anything, it does not matter with us, Ampang just sent a director.

Tongrentang said the company did not receive any news, and our company does not matter.

Jin Feng Technology said, can only tell you, the company's 9 directors, 1 from Ampang group, the other little impact.

Ampang highest proportion of shares for Financial Street (000402), reaching 29.98%, from the controlling shareholder of Financial Street group and its concerted action, 31.18% of the shareholding is only one step away. Ampang holds the proportion of the golden group also more than 20%, Minsheng Bank, big business shares, Tongrentang, Jin Feng Technology, Eurasian Group, China Construction, China Merchants Bank also more than 10%.

Financial Street opened lower 2.09% today, and other stocks opened lower.

round holds the highest value of the stock market, merchants bank, at the end of the first quarter held 2 billion 705 million shares, 10.72% stake in the closing price yesterday, the stock market reached 60 billion 835 million yuan. In addition, Ampang holds Minsheng Bank's market capitalization of 45 billion 900 million yuan, China Building 32 billion 800 million yuan, Vanke A, Financial Street, the golden group also more than 10 billion yuan.

Ampang holdings most concerned about non Vanke, the current shareholding ratio of 6.18%. Vanke A opened 0.44% lower today, midday closing down 2.18%.

Bao Wan was raging, reached the Ampang placards Vanke, after continue to increase to 6.18%. In 2015 December, Ampang issued a statement, we are optimistic about the development prospects of Vanke, will actively support the development of China Vanke, Vanke management, management style to maintain stability, continue to create greater value for all shareholders.

, Vanke also issued a statement, welcome Ampang insurance group to become an important shareholder of vanke.
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